Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How Power and Politics manege the Authority


Imagine if,
the Pope in Rome would be an appointed-person
by no one else than Mr. Berlusconi.

The Shaikh of Al Azhar in Cairo is indeed appointed
by Husny Mubarak.

While the nice thing about Iran , is the fact that....
it is completely the other way around :
because,  Ayatollah Khamenaiee has practically appointed AhmadiNejad.

In my Lebanon it is another circus :
a) the Maronite Patriarch gives his "blessings" for the President
b) The Sunni Mufti "approves" the Prime Minister
c) The Shi´aa higher-council "proposes" the Speaker of the Parliament
d) The French Ambassador appoints the Interior+Justice Ministers
e) The US Ambassador appoints the Defence+ Finance Ministers
f)  The UK Ambassador proposes the Foreign + Tourism Ministers
g) Colonel Qaddafi finances the Agriculture + Health Ministers
h) Qatar finances all the reconciliations
i)  Italy sends us a Pope-representative on its accounts.
j) Israel finances, almost, all the assasinations,
   and the separatists movements.

Raja Chemayel

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