Friday, February 11, 2011

Tahriri Square.

Tahrir square,
was the first place I visited in 1972
when I went to Egypt for the first time.

It was for me like a pilgrimage :
" To stand on the spot where once stood El Raiss Gamal Abdel Nasser while making his historical speeches to the masses....."

Later I visited Cairo about 70 times on business trips
and yet each time I have had a special feeling
a kind of mythical-emotional-experience when passing
by Tahrir Square.
I even stayed , on purpose , in the Nile Hilton just to be
near that "holy" place..

I have not been to Egypt ,the last 6 or 7 years , but I intend
to visit again soon.....and then.....and again I shall visit Tahrir-Square.

For me this hart-of-the-hart of Arab-Egypt has now
a double historical value.

Whatever has happened today
and whatever shall happen tomorrow , again.......
Tahrir Square is the Square of Tahrir
"Issmin aala moussama "
(an adjective which becomes a name)

Raja Chemayel

In Arabic , Tahrir  means "liberation"

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