Sunday, February 6, 2011

The other Dictatorship.............

In the light of the possibility that
all dictatorships
must vanish from the Middle East,
Three dictators selling us,.............  Democracy

There is another dictatorship in our  Middle East
and it has been there,constantly, more than 61 years

A One Party system , although with different new-party-names, each time.
Rotating presidents and rotating Prime Ministers,
although all were retired generals, and all were acting similarly,each time .

Apartheid, named " Democracy "
Occupation , named " war on  Terrorism "
Peace-negotiations , called " Peace "
Expansion , called "new-settlements "

Double standards on humanity
Double standards  on democracy
Double standards on  international-law

Overcrowded prisons, with right-less prisoners.
Right-less-citizens ,with a view on deportations.
Racism and colonialism hidden behind the "Democracy label."

It is a Theocracy acting as a Dictatorship
simply , under the flag of Democracy.......

When will it removed ??? Hilary !!

Raja Chemayel


Anonymous said...

This site is actually extraordinary, worthy of reading through

Anonymous said...

why don't you just shut up?
your poems are boring and your political agenda is from the the middle ages. People who talk like you are responsible for the negative reputation of arabs in the west and their unability to peace. Israel wants peace but will always defend iteself - got that?

Tlaxcala said...

the second anonymous who gave his unmissable comments must know that I do not want peace !!!
Because peace would be an amnesty to a crime called "Israel"

Raja....I want war !!!