Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day one.......Blame only Iran
He congratulated us....
one week before  Obama did.

The Muslim Brotherhood
did not do it , nor do they claim this success
of deposing Mubarak.

The Internet and the Hackivists
did not do it alone.

Hilary Clinton and  the USA
did not do it neither
they only waited until the 13Th-Round
before congratulating the winner.

Who did it, then  ??
Al Qua´eda and the Taliban
did not get an Egyptian-Tourist-Visa.

It must then the Islamic Republic of Iran
who really did it !!!

How did I conclude this ??

Simply because,
they are the only Muslim Regime
that congratulated this revolution
before ..........Husni runned away.

There you have it !!!

If today you are missing the smiles of Husni
on your TV screens............Blame only  Iran !!
and the Egyptian people, of course !

Sherlock Hommos
revolutionary inspector of the revolutions

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