Sunday, February 13, 2011

Day general leaves 5 generals behind
Do it ....the French way !!

One 82 years old retired General is gone.......
while he left behind him 5 still active Generals
all of them around 70 years old, to replace him.
(one of them is already back in Washington
probably "giving his advises"  to the Pentagon)

One dictator has left us
after appointing his torturer as his substitute.

Therefore let us not fool ourselves !!!.

The French revolution had survived, because,
it decapitated all the aristocratic-ruling-classes .

I beg the Egyptian to :
bring to justice and then to hang the worse 100 Egyptians

If hanging is inhumane, or so medieval
then George Bush could borrow you
his "Electric-chairs" from Texas.

Finally ,
please remain in Tahrir square
we are not yet there !!
Ali Baba has left , but not his 40 thieves !!!

Raja Ibrahim Khalil Chemayel
great-grand-son of the first editor in chief of AlAhram.


nuha said...

meya meya ya 3amo Raja!

awamerak mota3a!

Reham Sabri said...

Things will definately get worse before geting better. It is too good to be true...

Dr. David Anthony Leighton said...

The behaviour of the USA is shameful but their doom is near as the peoples of the Arabic States have taken to the Streets and there will be more who will follow the lead of Tunisia and Egypt. Enough is enough.
The Tyranny of the USA and their selfish dominance of the Middle (Near)East is nearing its end as Arabs turn towards Democracy.

But this non-violent revolution must remain as a new Democracy develops. David A. Leighton.

Dr. David Anthony Leighton said...

The selfish dominance of the USA in the Middle East must come to an end but the peoples of the Middle East must stay on the streets in protest to win at last Democracy and equality, following the exam ple of Tunisia and Egypt.

David A. Leighton.

David A. Leighton said...

I have already expressed my views twice!!