Thursday, February 17, 2011

How Agatha Christie is influecing today´s political maneuverings
"When you disguise the motives,
then you hide the murderer".

How often have you read a good old detective-book
or seen a black and white classical film
about serial-crimes and murders  ??

How often have you seen a murderer
who disguises his intentions
by ,first,  murdering a series of other innocent victims.

Like killing a dozen of short-haired-brunettes-nurses.with-glasses
before finally killing his own mistress (victim) who is also
Making it all look like a " serial-killer-crime ".

Which makes his mistress/victim anonymous
and keeps the motive undefined and consequently the murderer too.

Bring down this classical-detective-scenario-story
to what is happening today ,in the Arab world:

The CIA and the Mossad want to get rid of that only Arab Regime
that would still raise arms against Israel........Syria  !!
Syria , the last resisting fortress
Syria , the only refuge of all what is left of resistance movements
Syria , the bridge-head of Iran (and Hezbollah)

The hidden scenario has started :
a) you let the real honest democracies-movements topple Tunis, and Egypt
b) you also allow ,later, Jordan , Yemen and Algeria to breath democracy
c) you hope and wish that the masses in Syria will finally do your job
    in deposing and changing the nature of the regime of Syria.

Did you think for a minute,
that USA,France,UK, Zionism and Co.
wanted  to see the  Arab-masses free ??.

They just want to see the State of Zion
surrounded by castrated regimes.
Whether those regime are democratic or not
is not relevant , as long as they are castrated and preferably........... castrated-and-friendly to Israel !!

The "perfect-crime" cannot not exist,
otherwise , Agatha Christie could write about it .

We want Democracy and Independence !
with Syria... and what it represents today , for us.

Syria is not indeed democratic but it is , at least, independant.
Independant and nationalistic !!

Give  us back Jerusalem
and later on ,  we shall give you a Democratic-Damascus !!
( a democratic and independant Damascus)

Raja Chemayel

Independence first !!.......and then the Democracy

PS :
I have shared the same hotel-bed-room with Agatha Christie
but 50 years later . (Pera-Palace in Istambul)

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