Saturday, April 17, 2010

All the way, from the Ukraine to Jerusalem
he should have stayed Ukraine
the city of Peace
the most Holy place for all religions
where all the prophets once have passed.

Whether you are religious or not
this city has a mythical value
and spiritual attraction.

Nothing is new , in what I write now.

But ,
lately we hear and see about a huge corruption scandal
involving Ehud Olmert when he was the Mayor there.

And I ask myself ,
why would that Ukrainian-crook
pretend to be Semite, pretend to be from Abraham's house
and then move to steal Palestine... including Jerusalem
and then become the Mayor in that city
only so that he can ,some day, collect the bribes
from a US-Jew-Millionaire..........??

The answer is obvious :
because Olmert is a crook and a Zionist
( although one of those 2, is a sufficient crime )

If Olmert would have stayed in Ukraine
he could have also become a Mayor
and also could have collected  bribes.
I am sure many millionaires , jews ,christians or muslems,
would have bought  Mr. Olmert , in Ukraine , as well.

becoming a Zionist and then stealing Palestine
would have being absolutely not necessary for Olmert nor for  a million-crooks like him, too.

Sherlock Hommos

many variations... !!
but many generalisations

Some prejudices

We cannot and
should not generalise
nor can we stereotype the people,
otherwise one could say :

Muslim-imams are terrorists
Catholic-priests are paedophiles
Protestant-pastors are gay-promoters  

Jewish-rabbis sell body-parts,
cut and polish the " blood-diamonds"
steel even a whole country !!

Raja Chemayel
a protestant-terrorist-anti-paedophile

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Which one of those Terrorists ??
Nuclear-intentions and the nuclear-possessions....

The World Conference on Nuclear Power Summit
which has just ended its top-meeting yesterday
has declared unanimously that :
"Nuclear Power (bombs) should not fall
into the hands of the terrorists"


Fine with me,
but I remember that the atom-bomb was only once used :
and it was a free and democratic regime , that has used it .
Not a terrorist regime nor any organisation !!

Secondly , not all the terrorists are bad,
some of them are on the right-side
and others wear a uniform and have a flag
and a country and a Capital and a lot of Embassies , too

So , for the sake of transparency,
efficiency,honesty and the sake of accuracy
may I ask :
Which of the Terrorists will not be allowed
to have a nuclear-bomb ???

Just in case, I might find one of them.....carrying it.

Sherlock Hommos

anti-nuclear,  and also anti-no-clear

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

لا منطقي... لا قانوني... "إسرائيلي"... Illogic,illegal,Israel

على "إسرائيل" أن تبني المزيد من المستعمرات
لأن إيران ستصبح يوماً ما دولة نووية
"إسرائيل" غزت لبنان ستة مرات
لأن، الفلسطينيين كانوا عل حد من الجرأة ليطالبوا بحقوقهم
"إسرائيل" حاصرت وجوعت غزة
لأن، حماس فازت بانتخابات حرة
"إسرائيل" تحصل على مساعدات مالية هائلة من الولايات المتحدة
لأن مياه البحر الميت مالحة جداً!!!
"إسرائيل" تدعى "الديمقراطية الوحيدة" في...
لأن، الولايات المتحدة تدعم جميع الدكتاتوريات الأخرى.!
قد يهاجر جميع يهود العالم إلى فلسطين
لأن الفلسطينيين طردوا منها...
يتوجب وجود 625 حاجز في فلسطين المحتلة 1967
لأن الفلسطينيين يتنقلون من قرية لأخرى!!!

لأن... هذه
الرقاعة مسلحة حتى الأسنان وقوية جداً
يجب على الجميع أن يعانوا
وبالتالي يجب أن يعتبروا غير منطقيين ولا قانونيين

يجب بناء جدار جديد حول إيران
على جميع الفلسطينيين أن ينضموا للأسكيمو
المياه اللبنانية يجب أن تحول إلى فلسطين المحتلة
يجب إعادة الأهرامات إلى "إسرائيل"
مطبخ البيت الأبيض يجب أن يتبع نظام "الكوسير"
المهندس مصطفى روزينبلوم

المترجم المحلف: أديب قعوار
فلسطيني... عربي
بالرغم عن الدنيا كلها

Israel is, itself, a caricature
of a faked- history.

Israel needs to build more illegal settlements
because, Iran shall one day have a nuclear bomb.

Israel invaded the Lebanon 6 times
because, Palestinians are daring to ask for their National-rights

Israel besieges and starves Gaza
because, Hamas has won one fair election.

Israel gets huge financial support from the USA
because, the Dead-Sea is very salty.

Israel is called the "only democracy "
because , the USA supports all the other dictatorships.

All the Jews worldwide may immigrate to Palestine
because, the Palestinians were thrown out of it
and may not even return...... ....

652 Check points are needed in the Occupied-Palestine
because,  Palestinians do move from one village to another.

Because, this Absurdity is well armed and is so powerful
everyone else must suffer
and then eventually be declared illogical or illegal.

Israeli-Conclusions :
A new wall must also surround  Iran
all Palestinian must join the Eskimos
Lebanese waters must be channeled into  Israel
The Pyramids must be returned to Israel
The White house kitchens must turn Kosher.

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
an Aryan-Semite

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The criminalisation of a Poet

the Polish-perpetrator
the Palestinian-poet
the pretentious-Paris

The municipality of Paris
would like to dedicate one Public Garden
to David Ben Gurion,

one alley,  to Mahmoud Darwish .

This resembles to any monuments
that would be dedicated to:
Jack the Ripper and another one to his victims,
in the same city,
to Adolf Hitler and another one to Ann Frank ,
to emperor Nero and  another one to Rome.
to the Volcano Etna and another to Pompeii,

Why would Paris commemorate the memory
of a Polish thief , together with the memory
of a robbed-Palestinian- poet  ??.....his own victim.

Since when does a Parisian lord-mayor honour an Arab-poet ??
Since when does a Polish thief deserve any kind of honours ??
and since when do thieves and poets share ,
one and the same honouring-commitee ??

Did that poet become also a criminal ??
or the criminals are now supposed to be honoured ,
just like the poets !! ??

Ben Gurion wrote in his memoirs that :
" any Arab who ,one day, would forgive to the Israelis, would be a fool...."

Why should Mahmoud Darwish become a fool ??
why does the Mayor of Paris think that we are all fools ???

If the municipality of Paris were to be a bit more honest
they would dedicate Mahmoud Darwish  only
who never did steal any country!!!
who never made widows nor any orphans !!!

Raja Chemayel

a francophile. ... but excluding the French-politics
See the brave French people´s demonstrating against it

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Read first and then think later ...!
Jesus might be killed by many....
and not only the Jews !!
(or ,eventually , the Romans)

The Evangelical-Zionists
must first read what Martin Luther,himself
has said about the Jews.

The Jewish-Zionists
must first read what Theodor Herzl
wrote in his memoirs about himself
"fooling all the Jews"

The Christian-Zionists
must read their Bible ....
with the right-side-up.

The Arab-Zionists
must read history and learn
what happens to any Traitors.

The Muslim-Zionists
must read correctly their Koran
once , at least  !!!

The Buddhist-Zionists
must mind their own business !!
but must apply International-Law

The Marxist- Zionists
must read Marx and also Lenin
in any language they do understand.

The Atheist-Zionists
must simply........ shut up !!
and wait until God calls upon them...
for the first time .

Conclusion :

there is nothing  correct ,
nor legal, nor human ,
nothing historically right

about the Zionism.

Raja Chemayel