Thursday, April 15, 2010

Which one of those Terrorists ??
Nuclear-intentions and the nuclear-possessions....

The World Conference on Nuclear Power Summit
which has just ended its top-meeting yesterday
has declared unanimously that :
"Nuclear Power (bombs) should not fall
into the hands of the terrorists"


Fine with me,
but I remember that the atom-bomb was only once used :
and it was a free and democratic regime , that has used it .
Not a terrorist regime nor any organisation !!

Secondly , not all the terrorists are bad,
some of them are on the right-side
and others wear a uniform and have a flag
and a country and a Capital and a lot of Embassies , too

So , for the sake of transparency,
efficiency,honesty and the sake of accuracy
may I ask :
Which of the Terrorists will not be allowed
to have a nuclear-bomb ???

Just in case, I might find one of them.....carrying it.

Sherlock Hommos

anti-nuclear,  and also anti-no-clear

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