Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The criminalisation of a Poet

the Polish-perpetrator
the Palestinian-poet
the pretentious-Paris

The municipality of Paris
would like to dedicate one Public Garden
to David Ben Gurion,

one alley,  to Mahmoud Darwish .

This resembles to any monuments
that would be dedicated to:
Jack the Ripper and another one to his victims,
in the same city,
to Adolf Hitler and another one to Ann Frank ,
to emperor Nero and  another one to Rome.
to the Volcano Etna and another to Pompeii,

Why would Paris commemorate the memory
of a Polish thief , together with the memory
of a robbed-Palestinian- poet  ??.....his own victim.

Since when does a Parisian lord-mayor honour an Arab-poet ??
Since when does a Polish thief deserve any kind of honours ??
and since when do thieves and poets share ,
one and the same honouring-commitee ??

Did that poet become also a criminal ??
or the criminals are now supposed to be honoured ,
just like the poets !! ??

Ben Gurion wrote in his memoirs that :
" any Arab who ,one day, would forgive to the Israelis, would be a fool...."

Why should Mahmoud Darwish become a fool ??
why does the Mayor of Paris think that we are all fools ???

If the municipality of Paris were to be a bit more honest
they would dedicate ....to Mahmoud Darwish  only
who never did steal any country!!!
who never made widows nor any orphans !!!

Raja Chemayel

a francophile. ... but excluding the French-politics
See the brave French people´s demonstrating against it

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