Sunday, April 11, 2010

Read first and then think later ...!
Jesus might be killed by many....
and not only the Jews !!
(or ,eventually , the Romans)

The Evangelical-Zionists
must first read what Martin Luther,himself
has said about the Jews.

The Jewish-Zionists
must first read what Theodor Herzl
wrote in his memoirs about himself
"fooling all the Jews"

The Christian-Zionists
must read their Bible ....
with the right-side-up.

The Arab-Zionists
must read history and learn
what happens to any Traitors.

The Muslim-Zionists
must read correctly their Koran
once , at least  !!!

The Buddhist-Zionists
must mind their own business !!
but must apply International-Law

The Marxist- Zionists
must read Marx and also Lenin
in any language they do understand.

The Atheist-Zionists
must simply........ shut up !!
and wait until God calls upon them...
for the first time .

Conclusion :

there is nothing  correct ,
nor legal, nor human ,
nothing historically right

about the Zionism.

Raja Chemayel

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