Saturday, April 10, 2010

Samson in London
the commemoration of an ugly slaughter,
as if killing a Palestinian is an Art.

In London, last week,
I have had the pleasure of visiting the
Albert and Victoria Museum

Right at the entrance is the information-desk
and to its right-side is the first Hall with the neo-classical styles.

The First statue represented :
" Samson killing a Palestinian"

it is not for the first time
that a Jew (or an Israeli ) kills a Palestinian
but I did not know that it is something to celebrate
or to a Museum.

Did not the God of Samson ask him " not to kill "  !!
and what if that Palestinian would have killed Samson ??
would there be also a statue to commemorate the death of Samson ??

How come did God allow Samson to kill
and also why did Samson not marry that pretty Delilah  ??
what was wrong with Delilah  ??
Did racism play any role in the fact that
Delilah was not a " chosen ".

Why did  Samson not try to convert Delilah ??
and then to marry her.

When each of us marries out of his race or out of his religion
or out of his own nationality.........
the all our Children shall never become racists nor nationalist
nor religiously fanatic.

So why does the old testament teach us racism ??
why everybody conconsidersat even Samson ,
who was a "Suicide-terrorist"
was equally........ a Biblical- Hero !!!!

How come their  racism is Holy..... and ours is not ??
how come their "Suicide-terrorist" was in the service of God and the Nation,
and ours is not !!!

I liked that statue but not its message.
I liked that statue but not its context .
I liked that statue but not its Hero.
Because Samson should have married that non-jewish-Delilah
and not listen to his racist Rabi.

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
my own wife, does not share my race ,
nor my religion , nor my nationality !!

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