Thursday, April 8, 2010

Nelson , London and the traffic

Visiting London all last week,
I went to many places,  with my family.

One inevitable place would be the Westminster Abbey
and that square outside it, and the British Parliament .

There were many statues to the hero's of Britishism
and also one Statue for Nelson Mandela.

And I thought to myself:
 " How far does hypocrisy go ?"
1- they stole his Land
2- they enslaved his people and made them "inferior"
3- they diged out his diamonds and sold them
4- and when he wanted Independence they jailed him 26 years
5- and finaly for the sake of their  Amnesty they released him.

Now , he is a Hero.....
and he became their Hero , too !!

Nelson was standing there ,
watching everybody driving
on the wrong side of the street........
and watching every body adjusting their watches
to that huge clock on a tower.....

Hypocrisy is adjusted to the powerful

Raja Chemayel
a tourist in London

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