Saturday, February 26, 2011

The wrong-dictator, the hanged-dictator and the forgiven-dictator
Some clowns are never funny !!

Tony Blair ( and G.W. Bush)
told us that Saddam Hussein has had
"Weapons of Mass Destruction"
 and then ,five years later, Colonel Qaddafi
got rid of his own factory of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
(which he has bought from the same UK and US)
and then ,10 years later now ,
we still did not see the Weapons of Saddam !!

In the meantime ,
Tony Blair and G.W. Bush
have hanged Saddam Hussein
and five months later
Tony went to Libya and kissed Colonel Qaddafi
and has spent the night in his tent............
( I do not know whether together , or not )

Tonight we find out
that the so-called-Dictator did not reside in Baghdad
and that Blair and Bush  have hanged the wrong man.......
and that Blair and Bush have offered an amnesty
to the wrong-but-real-dictator.

The difference was that,  the hanged-so-called-dictator
did send his rockets once on the State of Zion
while the forgiven-but-real-dictators never did !!

Wait until Blair and Bush hear that Qaddafi has had
a Jewish-mother................!!
(They might, then, even send a Sub-marine to save him)

Sherlock Hommos
investigator in matters of dictatorology

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The waiter was a CIA agent .
Do not trust      the extremely-friendly-waiters

I went to a restaurant for dinner
I ordered as starter :
snails with a Provencal-sauce
and then a nice red-dry-Bordeaux
as a main course:
I asked for a " Carre d´agneau " aux herbes fines
for the dessert :
mousse aux chocolats avec la creme chantilly
and finally :
and a cognac
with an expresso-picollo

The head-waiter ( who was a CIA agent )
smiled at me and said :
All your wishes , Dear sir , shall be met !.

He dissapeared and then came back 25 minutes later
with :
the starter + the wine + the main course
+ dessert + the cheeses + cognac + coffee
he put them,  all together ,at once, on my table and said :
The free-world is with the Arab-masses !
and is supporting their wishes !!
Enjoy your dinner Sir !!

There I  was , with what I wanted ,
but  too much......and too fast !!!

Sherlock Hommos
even the good things need a planing !!

What you should not ask from an Israeli
the future Sharon

You cannot ask from an Israeli
not be be a Zionist
otherwise he would be
obliged to give up:

1- Racism
2- Apartheid
3- expantion and occupation
4-  criminal-intentions


Monday, February 21, 2011

It is an Arab-Film.........but the CIA has pushed the " Fast-Forward" button
in the Arab world ,
Dictatorships ,as well as, Democracy
both , can be inherited.

We , Arabs , are on the right track
we are getting rid from our useless-leaders.

I am happy and satisfied , for once.....
but do we have , off the shelve,
any replacements  ??

Let us not forget that 80%
of our dissidents are already infiltrated and infected ,
they live,study and work  in West .

Let us not forget that 47% of them
do admit to be influenced,insipired, and fed by the West.
(The worse example was Ahmad Shalaby)

I witnessed the 1956 uprisings in Egypt
where, nobody spoke English
and in 2011 one third of the people in Tahrir Sqaure
spoke  English......

My generation has fought for
this generation is fighting for pure democracy.
(like the cream on a cake)

What will be the use of our Democracy
if it is not married to our Independance ??

Raja Chemayel
for once,  happy !!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Appeal from all Arab Regimes !!!!
this is a fake photo.
the reality is worse !!

The whole of the Arab Regimes
hereby represented by the
League of  Arab States

is appealing to
all democracy-loving -Nations
all members of the Free-World
all supporters of freedom of speech
freedom of the Media..........etc....etc

to supply urgently and immediately :
A) Rubber Bullets
B) Tear Gas canisters
C) Anti-demonstrators-police-gears
D) pre-fabricated-torture-benches

and equally urgent , but discretely......
1) stand-by Private Jets
2) new secret bank accounts
3) hide away villas in South of France

Please contact :

Eng. Moustafa  Roosenbloom
BenGorion Str .322
Tel Aviv. Is a real

Egypt can live without the USA.............................until 2064 !!

The Mubarak Family has ( allegedly) 
70 Billion US Dollars, while ,  
the USA pays 1,3 Billion US Dollars 
per year to Egypt.

So , if we re-collect the Mubarak´s hidden fortunes,
Egypt could live 53 years without the USA !!
(until 2064).

Sherlock Hommos