Monday, February 21, 2011

It is an Arab-Film.........but the CIA has pushed the " Fast-Forward" button
in the Arab world ,
Dictatorships ,as well as, Democracy
both , can be inherited.

We , Arabs , are on the right track
we are getting rid from our useless-leaders.

I am happy and satisfied , for once.....
but do we have , off the shelve,
any replacements  ??

Let us not forget that 80%
of our dissidents are already infiltrated and infected ,
they live,study and work  in West .

Let us not forget that 47% of them
do admit to be influenced,insipired, and fed by the West.
(The worse example was Ahmad Shalaby)

I witnessed the 1956 uprisings in Egypt
where, nobody spoke English
and in 2011 one third of the people in Tahrir Sqaure
spoke  English......

My generation has fought for
this generation is fighting for pure democracy.
(like the cream on a cake)

What will be the use of our Democracy
if it is not married to our Independance ??

Raja Chemayel
for once,  happy !!

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