Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The waiter was a CIA agent .
Do not trust      the extremely-friendly-waiters

I went to a restaurant for dinner
I ordered as starter :
snails with a Provencal-sauce
and then a nice red-dry-Bordeaux
as a main course:
I asked for a " Carre d´agneau " aux herbes fines
for the dessert :
mousse aux chocolats avec la creme chantilly
and finally :
and a cognac
with an expresso-picollo

The head-waiter ( who was a CIA agent )
smiled at me and said :
All your wishes , Dear sir , shall be met !.

He dissapeared and then came back 25 minutes later
with :
the starter + the wine + the main course
+ dessert + the cheeses + cognac + coffee
he put them,  all together ,at once, on my table and said :
The free-world is with the Arab-masses !
and is supporting their wishes !!
Enjoy your dinner Sir !!

There I  was , with what I wanted ,
but  too much......and too fast !!!

Sherlock Hommos
even the good things need a planing !!

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