Saturday, April 4, 2009

Obama undressed and unveiled.
President Obama
Inspecteur Clouseau

Yesterday President Obama addressing a
"Town-hall-public- meeting"
in Strasbourg , France ,
has said something similar to :

" ....Do not think that Terrorism will disappear if we give more
rights to the Palestinians or we shall show more respect towards Islam....
those are two different issues...... ."

I never though that a US President would be so naive (or be so dum-honest)
and consequently show us his real intentions or his real thinking-logic.

First : I hereby declare that the difference with G.W.Bush,
is only "skin-deep".

Second : The USA does not want any rights for the Palestinians
nor any respect for Islam.

Third : Terrorism , what that might ever be ,
has at least one more decade , to go.

Fourth : what is wrong if and when more respect is shown
to Islam and to the Palestinian- rights... .....try it,once !!

Welcome to the world of the Obama-illusions !!!

Raja Chemayel
61 years of maturity.......

Friday, April 3, 2009

the third of April

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at 61.......

I am no more 60.

April the third,
it is my birthday,
which still makes me younger than Nick Jagger
than Bob Dylan,Chuck Berry and Joan Baez
but I am older than the state of Israel .

I remember 1956 when Israel , France and UK
attacked my Egypt to repossess my Suez-Canal

I remember 1967 when Israel has freed
my Sinai from all Egyptians
and liberated my Golan-height
from most of my Syrians.

Israel also occupied my Jerusalem
just in case my Jesus comes back,

I remember, October 1973 ,
when at least two Arab-states
coordinated something together
and in the same direction.
They also avoided informing the King of Jordan
to ensure that no leakages in secrecy goes
.......direction Tel Aviv.

1978 and 1982 and 2001 and 2006 followed
Israel was still very active
and Ronald Reagan , George Bush
kept my hatred of imperialism, alive......

Time went by , and
my grey hair has reached
the status of absolute-majority
and my hart decided to raise its pressure .

My Lebanon which,is
in reality ," the only democracy "
was never named as such...
At least,
we always did have elections !
and our rulers did change.....

Happy Birthday to me !!
and to all those who share my dreams ,
my wishes , my ideology and share my Nation
and to all other real-Nations and original-cultures.


PS :
if you all would like to wish me a Happy-Birthday
in a public and open manner :

why don't you all turn off the lights
in your home tonight

just before you go to sleep....

and then , look outside your windows
and count all the houses without lights....
to calculate the number of my celebrating- fans !

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Israel and Iran.
Vanunu a traitor ?? or a Hero !!

Israel and Iran
one has nuclear-power
the other does not (yet)

Israel and Iran
one sells nuclear power
the other tries to purchase it

Israel and Iran
one has done 8 wars in 60 years
the other only one in 200 years

Israel and Iran
one has the backing of the Devil
the other fights against the Devil

Israel and Iran
one was build by the colonialists
the other kicked them out

Israel and Iran
one produces and sells pornography
the other has strictly forbidden it

Israel and Iran
one considers God as his own property
the other serves God and shares him too.

Israel and Iran
one wants to nuke-bomb the other
the other wants to dismantle the first.
( before this happens )

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Peace-Recipe for Afghanistan
Prince Harry must hurry....... ......... out !!!

I would like to humbly propose a recepe
for achieving Peace in Afghanistan .

1- Take out any and all non-Afghan-Soldiers
2- Leave behind you all Hospitals and Schools
and Military-equipments which could serve in Civilian projects.
3- Forbid all Visas to Afghans wanting to visit New-York
or the West in General , until 2019.
4- Stop importing their Opium and Heroin
5- Stop selling your Weapons
6- Send back civilian-social- help
7- Send Prince Harry to another play-ground.

Leave it to rest 18 months, without steering
serve cold.......and then enjoy it !!!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Chef culinaire !!

PS :
the same recepe is valid for Baghdad
with the exception of the Visa-restriction
because some Iraqis need to go to New-York
to deposit their bribes and other illegal matters.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Blue-eyed-West.....

Two Prime-ministers,
but one is more prime than the other.

Practically all the Western-governments
are now busy bailing out the financial-instituti ons.

Muslim Governments are worried only for
their own non-Muslim-financia l-institutions
because their Muslim-banks are practically unconcerned
and relatively much safer.

A couple of hundred years ago
those same financial-instituti ons
were called evil and the devil's own.....
and later they became legal and respectable
because the West needed them to finance its colonial-plans.

And what about Zionism ??

First , Zionism was financed only by the Jews
while being considered to be "evil" by the West
and then later financed by the same West ,
for the benefit of the same blue-eyed-Jews
and now, it is considered legal and even moral ,
by the same West.

The Prime Minister of Brazil very recently
called this financial-crisis:
" a product ( the fault) of the blue-eyed-West"
Myself I call Zionism :
" a product (the fault) of the blue-eyed-Jews "

Nonetheless both the Zionism-crimes
and the Financial-crimes

are today supported and sponsored by.......
the "blue-eyed-West"

Do not consider me a racist , please !!
my mother has the prettiest-blue- eyes from the Lebanon
and my wife has also a pair of Bohemian-blue- eyes.

I am not racist, because I am an Arab
so I just try to learn from past-history,
to analise and make my own conclusions. ....:

Zionism came from the West
and the Financial-crises too....

Raja Chemayel

Monday, March 30, 2009

Anyone surprised ??????

Some Arabs have no shame....
and Livni avoids eye-contact
and gives him only one finger !!.

The Doha Arab League Summit

closed down , today, earlier than planned.

Arab leaders disagreed , once again !!

Anyone surprised ??
not me !

Didn't I tell you that there should be
2 Arab-League- Organisations

The first will include those who have
recognised our invaders and occupiers
and you may call it :
the Arab-league- of-castrated- collaborators
and the second may conserve the tittle of :
The Arab League of States

Two years later ,
the Arab-League of Collaborators
will have to change its name into :
The League of Collaborators
and they may keep Mahmoud Abbas with them.

In the meantime and after this division (or separation)
we have have an Arab-League which will be Arab.

nobody may still call himself
a "brother"
after he recognises the rapist of our sister.....
thus he who recognises Israel , is no Arab !!

Equally , he who wants to help our sister ,
becomes an Arab.....Iran and Venezuela , as example.

In the meatime,
" those who are traitors and or collaborators,
are standing in our line of fire !!! "

Raja Chemayel

PS :
Watch carefully see it is not a hand-shake
she is giving him only one finger !!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ukraine , Nato and Afghanistan
The same Boris from Ukraine,
only his boss changed.

once forgotten when it raised the soviet flags
and now remembered and cherished.

Half of Ukraine is from the Orthodox-Church
and the other half is Catholic....
one half wants big-brother- Russia back
and the other half believes in Condoleeza Rice stories
and now in the Hilarious Clinton's.

Soon Ukraine shall become even more "poor"
so that both halves of it, would want to fall
in the lap of the Hilarious Clinton..... .
and then Ukraine shall join the NATO
and then Kentucky Fried Chicken shall follow.

Consequently the Ukrainian-Army- soldiers,
being part of the NATO , shall join the
International- Coalition- Forces in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Statistically, eventually and coincidentally
the same soldiers who were in Afghanistan under
the Soviet Red Army shall return now under the banners of NATO.

And Hilarious Clinton shall jump to Kabul
and explain to the local population that :

"When Boris was red he came to rape and invade your Afghanistan
but now the same Boris is blue , which means that this not an invasion
nor an intrusion nor an occupation nor a colonisation
not even an annexation.. .....

No my dear Afghans !!!
Boris is not an invader,anymore, because his cap is

I am confident that all Afghans shall hardly
differentiate between red and blue .

I am either colour-blind or eventually a bit more intelligent
than the average-afghan. .....
because I see no difference between both Boris.

Sherlock Hommos

PS :
in 2004 Polish-Soldiers went to Iraq to dismount
that ammunition-factory which they have sold ,
5 years earlier..... because they became NATO, too.