Friday, April 3, 2009

the third of April

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at 61.......

I am no more 60.

April the third,
it is my birthday,
which still makes me younger than Nick Jagger
than Bob Dylan,Chuck Berry and Joan Baez
but I am older than the state of Israel .

I remember 1956 when Israel , France and UK
attacked my Egypt to repossess my Suez-Canal

I remember 1967 when Israel has freed
my Sinai from all Egyptians
and liberated my Golan-height
from most of my Syrians.

Israel also occupied my Jerusalem
just in case my Jesus comes back,

I remember, October 1973 ,
when at least two Arab-states
coordinated something together
and in the same direction.
They also avoided informing the King of Jordan
to ensure that no leakages in secrecy goes
.......direction Tel Aviv.

1978 and 1982 and 2001 and 2006 followed
Israel was still very active
and Ronald Reagan , George Bush
kept my hatred of imperialism, alive......

Time went by , and
my grey hair has reached
the status of absolute-majority
and my hart decided to raise its pressure .

My Lebanon which,is
in reality ," the only democracy "
was never named as such...
At least,
we always did have elections !
and our rulers did change.....

Happy Birthday to me !!
and to all those who share my dreams ,
my wishes , my ideology and share my Nation
and to all other real-Nations and original-cultures.


PS :
if you all would like to wish me a Happy-Birthday
in a public and open manner :

why don't you all turn off the lights
in your home tonight

just before you go to sleep....

and then , look outside your windows
and count all the houses without lights....
to calculate the number of my celebrating- fans !

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