Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Blue-eyed-West.....

Two Prime-ministers,
but one is more prime than the other.

Practically all the Western-governments
are now busy bailing out the financial-instituti ons.

Muslim Governments are worried only for
their own non-Muslim-financia l-institutions
because their Muslim-banks are practically unconcerned
and relatively much safer.

A couple of hundred years ago
those same financial-instituti ons
were called evil and the devil's own.....
and later they became legal and respectable
because the West needed them to finance its colonial-plans.

And what about Zionism ??

First , Zionism was financed only by the Jews
while being considered to be "evil" by the West
and then later financed by the same West ,
for the benefit of the same blue-eyed-Jews
and now, it is considered legal and even moral ,
by the same West.

The Prime Minister of Brazil very recently
called this financial-crisis:
" a product ( the fault) of the blue-eyed-West"
Myself I call Zionism :
" a product (the fault) of the blue-eyed-Jews "

Nonetheless both the Zionism-crimes
and the Financial-crimes

are today supported and sponsored by.......
the "blue-eyed-West"

Do not consider me a racist , please !!
my mother has the prettiest-blue- eyes from the Lebanon
and my wife has also a pair of Bohemian-blue- eyes.

I am not racist, because I am an Arab
so I just try to learn from past-history,
to analise and make my own conclusions. ....:

Zionism came from the West
and the Financial-crises too....

Raja Chemayel

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