Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ukraine , Nato and Afghanistan
The same Boris from Ukraine,
only his boss changed.

once forgotten when it raised the soviet flags
and now remembered and cherished.

Half of Ukraine is from the Orthodox-Church
and the other half is Catholic....
one half wants big-brother- Russia back
and the other half believes in Condoleeza Rice stories
and now in the Hilarious Clinton's.

Soon Ukraine shall become even more "poor"
so that both halves of it, would want to fall
in the lap of the Hilarious Clinton..... .
and then Ukraine shall join the NATO
and then Kentucky Fried Chicken shall follow.

Consequently the Ukrainian-Army- soldiers,
being part of the NATO , shall join the
International- Coalition- Forces in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Statistically, eventually and coincidentally
the same soldiers who were in Afghanistan under
the Soviet Red Army shall return now under the banners of NATO.

And Hilarious Clinton shall jump to Kabul
and explain to the local population that :

"When Boris was red he came to rape and invade your Afghanistan
but now the same Boris is blue , which means that this not an invasion
nor an intrusion nor an occupation nor a colonisation
not even an annexation.. .....

No my dear Afghans !!!
Boris is not an invader,anymore, because his cap is

I am confident that all Afghans shall hardly
differentiate between red and blue .

I am either colour-blind or eventually a bit more intelligent
than the average-afghan. .....
because I see no difference between both Boris.

Sherlock Hommos

PS :
in 2004 Polish-Soldiers went to Iraq to dismount
that ammunition-factory which they have sold ,
5 years earlier..... because they became NATO, too.

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