Saturday, June 27, 2009

Who may dictate to us about the Dictators ??

The main-stream- Media's and the West ,
have decided to call President AhmadiNejad ,
as being a dictator.... .

Of course it is a matter of opinion
and all opinions are subjective.. ...(even mine)

Do we have facts , supporting
the claim or the theory of "Dictator" ????

How different is Mr. Moussavi ???
Or any other presidential- candidate !!

Let us hear it , por favor !!!.

Raja Chemayel

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The collateral martyr.........

Neda Soltan
Neda Agha Soltan, 26 years,
died on June 21, 2009

A Martyr called Neda
shot on the street of Tehran.

This young innocent lady
is a Martyr of coincidence
a Martyr of Fate
a Martyr of Circumstances.

Her death was unintentional, an accident....
what the USA calls....... ....... "collateral" .

The West wants another Joan of Arc
The West wants another Jan Pallach
The West wants another Tienanmen Square
The West wants an election as in Zimbabwe
as in Ukraine , as in Georgia !!!
the same script-book , but only another location.

Neda Soltan should not have died
and nobody should die in Iran....

The hypocrisy of the West is till much active
and I wish they would first of all declare
that bombing Tehran is no more an option
and only thereafter, they may mourn Neda's death.....
because if Israel got its wishes last month
Neda would have been bombed by the USA.

Raja Chemayel

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Twenty Fourth of June.....

Today 24Th of June is
the second anniversary

of my Blog

it is published in :

it is called
the Frustrated Arab's Diary

but it could have been named also :

the Diary of a Frustrated Arab
The Dayli Frustrations of an Arab
The Frustrations of an Arab on dayli basis
the Arab's Diary of Frustrations

Bur , my 14 years old son once called it :
The Frustrated Arab's Diarrihea

Whatever it is is from me
and by me........and about me.......

Raja Chemayel

How to measure the Jewishness f any place
A Jewish-sports- club , somewhere...
and yet , the ball is also round.

Some places on this earth compete
in the course of history about
their religious identity , in regard to a specific religion
or to another.....

If we are to choose Judaism , as for example ,
and if we are to measure the degree of Jewishness of any place ,
we could use the following formula to measure it :

For each Synagogue build : 1.500 points per year
For each Jewish-citizens : 100 points per year
For each Jewish Lord Mayor of that place : 1.000 points per year
For each Jewish-school : 500 points per years
For each Jewish University : 1.500 points per year
For each Jewish Head of State ruling that place : 5.000 points per year

Of course when the school is closed or a Synagogue is abandoned ,
or the Jewish-king is gone......the counting must stop......

Then we can decide to go back in History one or two thousand years
and even four thousands , as you wish.....

If we take ,now
Amsterdam, Istanbul, Cordoba , Jerusalem,
Baghdad, Tehran,Tel-Aviv, Alexandria
and or Prague
......for example ,
and we use my above formula in counting the Jewishness
of any of those cities......
( You may create your own formula, if you wish,
and as you wish )

I am sure that Jerusalem will come as the last one
and if not at least , "one-of-the- least-jewish- cities " .

I live 33 years in Amsterdam , where 5 Mayors have passed
out of which 4 where Jews....
and another douzen-Jew-Mayors before I came.(1975)
Let alone that Amsterdam might have more Synagouges
than the modern-Jerusalem.

Alexandria has had the largest Jewish community
ever in the Antique-times
and still has the largest Synagogue ever built.

Bearing in mind ,
that Jerusalem did have a non-jewish-Roman-rulers
when even Jesus was there.....untill the year 1948.

Damascus has the oldest still existing Synagogue
and has had once a Jewish-Syrian- King.

Georgia was Jewish 300 long years....if not longer.

Baghdad has the longest originally existing
and the purest Jewish-community in the World
and Tehran comes very close to that record.

Prague , if we calculate the last millennium only ,
has had qualitatively and quantitatively more Jews
and more Jewishness , than Jerusalem.

If you would calculate now the last 100 years only ,
New-York would be more jewish than Jerusalem... ..

So the Zionists ought to pick up their calculators
and should redefine "the Jewish-home"
even Lord Balfour called it "a" Jewish-home.

I may suggest New-York because it is the nearest to
the Federal-Reserve- building. ......
and not far from the Pentagon.

Raja Chemayel
les bons comptes font les bon amis !!

Monday, June 22, 2009

The War on Iran has started....
1979 the US Embassy in Tehran was visited
and now someone wants a re-match ....

Regardless who has won those elections,
the man who wanted to wipe off Israel
from the Map , is going to be punished.

The Regine that helped Hamas and Hezbollah
will be punished.... ........

The culture that calls USA and UK as being the devil
and puts questions marks on the Holocaust
will be punished.... .....

They shall gather ,
all the bad-looser-of- the elections
all the chic-high-society
all the dissidents for whatever cause
all the modernists and pseudo-liberals
all the jet-set of Tehran
all the Parrots and the Monkeys imitating the West
everyone who does not like theocracy
all the supporters of westernisation
all the Nike and Gucci fashion-fans of Tehran

Promise them Heaven on Earth ,
and 25 Starbucks within the first year
and 145 Mac.Donald's as well....

And start a fancy-uprising from within
thereafter the son of Shah shall return to his throne
and Oprah Winfrey shall direct the new Iran TV stations
owned by Fox and Judd Bush..

It is called The Western Democracy
and it shall replace the Iranian Caviar
with Pepsi-Cola and Donuts...

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom