Wednesday, June 24, 2009

How to measure the Jewishness f any place
A Jewish-sports- club , somewhere...
and yet , the ball is also round.

Some places on this earth compete
in the course of history about
their religious identity , in regard to a specific religion
or to another.....

If we are to choose Judaism , as for example ,
and if we are to measure the degree of Jewishness of any place ,
we could use the following formula to measure it :

For each Synagogue build : 1.500 points per year
For each Jewish-citizens : 100 points per year
For each Jewish Lord Mayor of that place : 1.000 points per year
For each Jewish-school : 500 points per years
For each Jewish University : 1.500 points per year
For each Jewish Head of State ruling that place : 5.000 points per year

Of course when the school is closed or a Synagogue is abandoned ,
or the Jewish-king is gone......the counting must stop......

Then we can decide to go back in History one or two thousand years
and even four thousands , as you wish.....

If we take ,now
Amsterdam, Istanbul, Cordoba , Jerusalem,
Baghdad, Tehran,Tel-Aviv, Alexandria
and or Prague
......for example ,
and we use my above formula in counting the Jewishness
of any of those cities......
( You may create your own formula, if you wish,
and as you wish )

I am sure that Jerusalem will come as the last one
and if not at least , "one-of-the- least-jewish- cities " .

I live 33 years in Amsterdam , where 5 Mayors have passed
out of which 4 where Jews....
and another douzen-Jew-Mayors before I came.(1975)
Let alone that Amsterdam might have more Synagouges
than the modern-Jerusalem.

Alexandria has had the largest Jewish community
ever in the Antique-times
and still has the largest Synagogue ever built.

Bearing in mind ,
that Jerusalem did have a non-jewish-Roman-rulers
when even Jesus was there.....untill the year 1948.

Damascus has the oldest still existing Synagogue
and has had once a Jewish-Syrian- King.

Georgia was Jewish 300 long years....if not longer.

Baghdad has the longest originally existing
and the purest Jewish-community in the World
and Tehran comes very close to that record.

Prague , if we calculate the last millennium only ,
has had qualitatively and quantitatively more Jews
and more Jewishness , than Jerusalem.

If you would calculate now the last 100 years only ,
New-York would be more jewish than Jerusalem... ..

So the Zionists ought to pick up their calculators
and should redefine "the Jewish-home"
even Lord Balfour called it "a" Jewish-home.

I may suggest New-York because it is the nearest to
the Federal-Reserve- building. ......
and not far from the Pentagon.

Raja Chemayel
les bons comptes font les bon amis !!

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