Friday, July 13, 2007

the Exit-Strategy without Exit

The USA is looking for

Usually a victory , or any victory , is the most honourable-exit.
But in the absence of any kind of victory in Iraq ,
the USA is reduced to just looking for any exit
which they will later call it "exit-strategy" (or Strategy-exit)

Of course ,
and in the meantime , George Bush has changed 2 defence ministers
and 4 General-Chief of Staff not to forget the 4 different ambassadors.
All that in the search for the Exit-Strategy
as if the Strategy were to be the Exit , itself.

Anyhow ,
one million dead-Iraqis and 3 million Iraqi-displaced,
3600 dead-Marines and 125.774 wounded-disabled and four years later
the Strategy did not work and the Exit is not found.
President Saddam Hussein did not lie to us , when he called it
"The Mother of all Battles"
and it is not over yet.......
someone is still looking for the Exit
with less chances than the passengers on the Titanic.

Hollywood films always come up with a Happy-end
and George might soon find one (or even two) :

A- George might pull out the Hanoy-way
swiftly using the roof of the Embassy
and then blame it on the Congress
who has stopped the funds to Halliburton !!
B- Blame the Iraqi Government of Mr.Whatshisname Maliki
for not synchronising the traffic lights in Baghdad
and for not reducing the CO2 emissions from all the car-bombs.
Upon which the USA shall redraw completely with the exception
of Abou Ghureib Prison which shall become a Memorial Museum called
"The first signs of Democracy in the land of Hammurabi"

It is how things end that matters.... !!
of course we all knew that George came to protect his way of life
of course "12 millions Iraqis went to vote"
of course George came to collect those Weapons , big, dangerous and ugly !!
But this Congress and that Maliki spoilt it all !!
Give George 2 or 3 more decades and he shall fix-it !!

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Exit expert

الولايات المتحدة تبحث عن
إستراتيجية خروج (فرار)

في العادة النصر، أي نصر، هو أشرف _ مخرج
ولكن بعدم وجود أي نوع من النصر في العراق،
انحدرت الولايات المتحدة إلى درك البحث عن أي مخرج...
الذي سيدعونه عندما يتم... "إستراتيجية الخروج" أو (خروج الإستراتيجية)

وفي هذا الأوان، جورج W. بوش أقال عدد 2 من وزراء دفاعه
وعدد 4 من رؤساء أركانه... ولا ننسى عدد 4 من السفراء
وكل ذلك في سبيل البحث عن إستراتيجية للخروج (الهروب)
كما لو أن الإستراتيجية يجب أن تكون الخروج (الهرب)

مليون ماتوا في العراق وتشرد 3 ملايين
3600 قتيل من المارينز و 125774 جريح--- معاق... وبعد 4 من السنين...
الإستراتيجية لم تنجح وطريقة الخروج (الهرب) لا تزال غير معروفة...
الرئيس صدام لم يكذب علينا، عندما سماها "أم المعارك"...
التي لا تزال محتدمة......
ولا يزال هناك من يبحث عن مخرج (مهرب)...
وحظوظ النجاح أقل عددا من عدد ضحايا "التيتانك"...

للأفلام الهولودية دائماً... نهاية سعيدة...
وقد يجد جورج في المستقبل القريب واحدة (أو حتى اثنتين)

أ – قد يتبنى جورج طريقة-هانوي...
مستخدماً.. وبسرعة فائقة... سطح سفارته...
وطبعا سيلقي المسؤولية على الكونجرس... ولا نقول مسكين الكونجرس....
الذي أوقف الإعتمادات "لهليبورتون"...

ب – رمي المسؤولية على "حكومة" مستر مالكي... (أهذا اسمه) العراقية...
لأنه لم ينظم توقيت أضواء إنارة الشوارع البغدادية (عندما يكون هناك نصف ساعة من التيار الكهربائي في أل 24 ساعة...
وتخفيف ثاني أكسيد الكربون المنبعث من السيارات المفخخة!!!
وعلى هذا الأساس ستسحب الولايات المتحدة وحلفائها قواتها بشكل كامل... باستثناء...
سجن أبو غريب الذي سيصبح متحف تذكاري سيدعى...
"أول معالم الديمقراطية في أرض شريعة حمو رابي"...

هل جرت العادة أن تنتهي الأمور هكذا...!!!!
جميعنا نعرف أن جورج أتى ليحمي طريقته الخاصة بالحياة....
أكيد أن "12 مليون عراقي ذهبوا إلى صناديق الاقتراع"...!!!
بالتأكيد جورج جاء إلى بلاد ما بين النهرين ليجمع هذه الأسلحة... الكبيرة، الخطيرة، والبشعة...!!!!
ولكن هذا الكونجرس وذاك المالكي خربوا الدنيا!!!
فقط أفسح المجال لجورج فقط عقدين أو ثلاثة من الزمن فأنه سيصلح الأمور!!!!

المهندس مصطفى روزنبلوم

ترجمة: أديب قعوار

Thursday, July 12, 2007

the Axis of the devil and the right Axis.....

A couple of years ago
the West came-up with a new expression:
" The Axis of Evil"
I do not mind them when calling whatever as an "Axis"
but what or who allowed them to decide
what or who is "evil" and who or what is not ??

If we add together the USA the NATO and the UK
what kind of ""Axis "" would that be ???
may I also here say........ "evil" ?
or must I stick to the simple and clear facts
and call them :
The Axis of invaders
the Axis of the white-imperialists
the Axis of the neo-colonialist
the Axis of Anglo-Saxon-philanthropists ???

If my attitude , here, were not objective enough ,
let us then go chronologically for the last 10 years
(or even 20 years) and let us fairly analyse and evaluate
what Iran, North Korea and Syria have done ,
to other countries or to other places.

And then let us compare and evaluate what
the USA and UK and the NATO
have done in Serbia,Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan , Iraq
(and soon Iran and Sudan.......)

Did Iran invade the Falklands ??
or did North Korea invade Granada and Panama ??
and what did Syria do in Serbia and Somalia ??

With all due respect ,
"the Axis of evil"
may stay as a title...... or as a description
but it should be given to the right Axis
to those who deserve it !!!

Sherlock Hommos
evaluator of titles

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

about Heaven and Hell

To my knowledge all monotheistic-religions
promise you a reward called Paradise or Heaven
or ,of course, a punishment which is Hell.

If you have had a rightful character
and have led a decent life
and have not harmed anyone
nor stolen nor lied nor killed nor committed any sin
............ go to Paradise .

This mystical spiritual promise seams logic to me
and I accept it and believe in it
and one day I shall find out whether I was right or not
............ ...until that time comes ,
please help me out , with one question.

Does the Lord ask us to be
or to do , all those rightful things
in a certain place only ??
or everywhere on this earth ?? anywhere !

Should a Catholic be a good Catholic in Italy alone
and in the Vatican precisely ??
or could he be a good-Catholic in Vietnam or Alaska ??

Should a Muslim live only in Mecca or near Mecca
to earn his place in Heaven ??
or a good-Muslim even in Brazil shall earn Paradise too ??

How about my Cousins the Jews ?
if they never drive a Bulldozer over Peace-activists
and if they never evict villagers from their homes
and if they never shoot at school-children
and if they never steal any lands and whole livelihoods
and if they stop bombing Beirut (or bombing in Beirut)
and they never do any ethnic cleansing
outside Palestine, would they earn Paradise ??

A Jew in Toronto has far more chances
for that ultimate reward than any Jew in Palestine
........don´t we agree ??

If we do agree here, then may I enquire:
what is the use of stealing Palestine ??
because it does not bring anybody nearer to Heaven
especially not the Jews !!!
and it leads us ,Arabs, to become so called "Terrorists"
not by choice but rather by necessity !!

So I call on all good-Jews , not to become Israelis
not to steal Palestine... ......or any other place
because it is bringing them further away from Heaven.

Raja Chemayel

Monday, July 9, 2007

Is there a Theologian among us ?

Is there a Theologian in the room ???

A temple is a place of worship

although my God , and most probably yours too,
would accept our prayers where ever we perform them, anywhere.

If one is sincere in his or her prayers , God would appreciate it
more than any Hypocrite in any Golden or marvellous-Temple .

Thus the size or the beauty of any Temple does not matter
but rather what matters is the sincerity of the believer,himself.
Far more less would the location of the Temple matter.

If we all agree here , allow me to go further.

After agreeing that the Temple is only a tool and it is far less
relevant than the faithful themselves , you must also conclude
that the location of any Temple must be even lesser important.

This bring me to the point I am hoping to make ,
which is simple and has no ambiguity attached to it.

If the Temple of Solomon must be rebuilt ,
for the sake of Judaism.....and at any cost too.
should it be in Jerusalem ??
would God not forgive them , and accept
if they would rebuild that Temple in Brooklyn ??
for example.

Imaging a Salomon Temple in Brooklyn ,
full of happy Jews praying honestly to (their) God
and with no blood on their hands........
nor any blood on the foundations of that Temple !!

Would that not please God ??
Why should religion and geography go together ??

Christianity which was born in Jerusalem
survived without Jerusalem ..........
and its most majestic
and most splendorous Churches
are in Istanbul
, Rome ,Reins, Madrid and Moscow.

Islam rooted and inspired by the teachings of Jerusalem
has its greatest Mosques all over the World .

Why would God, allegedly ,wish a peculiar-Temple
in a peculiar-Place , when the Temple is irrelevant
compared to the degree of the faith of the believers .

Did God make a mistake ?? , in this case,
or simply that the Jews misinterpreted his wish ??

Raja Chemayel
not a theologian

Sunday, July 8, 2007

" A threath to our way of life "

After those car bombings in the UK

whether if they failed or not,

we are hearings echoes of:

"they are a threat to our way of life"

Indeed ,this may be a kind of clash of civilisations

provided that those suspects were the real guilty ones.

It happens , symbolically at least ,

that one of those perpetrators in Scotland
was an Iraqi doctor....

And here , I would like to stop and reflect on that fact:

If this Iraqi doctor were really guilty ,

then how guilty he is in threatening the UK way of life

compared to what the UK has already done to his Iraq.????

In other words :

How much harm has been done by Iraq

or by Iraqis in , or into, the UK ??

and how much harm was done by the UK in Iraq ??

Iraq was ,

created by the UK ,

milked by the UK,

castrated by the UK

starved by the UK

invaded by the UK

occupied by the UK

divided by the UK

so who is harming whom ??

Who is threatening whom ??

Whose way of life has harmed ???

Raja Chemayel

threatening nobody except hypocrisy.