Thursday, July 12, 2007

the Axis of the devil and the right Axis.....

A couple of years ago
the West came-up with a new expression:
" The Axis of Evil"
I do not mind them when calling whatever as an "Axis"
but what or who allowed them to decide
what or who is "evil" and who or what is not ??

If we add together the USA the NATO and the UK
what kind of ""Axis "" would that be ???
may I also here say........ "evil" ?
or must I stick to the simple and clear facts
and call them :
The Axis of invaders
the Axis of the white-imperialists
the Axis of the neo-colonialist
the Axis of Anglo-Saxon-philanthropists ???

If my attitude , here, were not objective enough ,
let us then go chronologically for the last 10 years
(or even 20 years) and let us fairly analyse and evaluate
what Iran, North Korea and Syria have done ,
to other countries or to other places.

And then let us compare and evaluate what
the USA and UK and the NATO
have done in Serbia,Bosnia, Somalia, Afghanistan , Iraq
(and soon Iran and Sudan.......)

Did Iran invade the Falklands ??
or did North Korea invade Granada and Panama ??
and what did Syria do in Serbia and Somalia ??

With all due respect ,
"the Axis of evil"
may stay as a title...... or as a description
but it should be given to the right Axis
to those who deserve it !!!

Sherlock Hommos
evaluator of titles

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Aline-Mariali said...

On pourrait aussi les appeler "L'Axe de l'Apocalypse".