Sunday, July 8, 2007

" A threath to our way of life "

After those car bombings in the UK

whether if they failed or not,

we are hearings echoes of:

"they are a threat to our way of life"

Indeed ,this may be a kind of clash of civilisations

provided that those suspects were the real guilty ones.

It happens , symbolically at least ,

that one of those perpetrators in Scotland
was an Iraqi doctor....

And here , I would like to stop and reflect on that fact:

If this Iraqi doctor were really guilty ,

then how guilty he is in threatening the UK way of life

compared to what the UK has already done to his Iraq.????

In other words :

How much harm has been done by Iraq

or by Iraqis in , or into, the UK ??

and how much harm was done by the UK in Iraq ??

Iraq was ,

created by the UK ,

milked by the UK,

castrated by the UK

starved by the UK

invaded by the UK

occupied by the UK

divided by the UK

so who is harming whom ??

Who is threatening whom ??

Whose way of life has harmed ???

Raja Chemayel

threatening nobody except hypocrisy.

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