Monday, July 9, 2007

Is there a Theologian among us ?

Is there a Theologian in the room ???

A temple is a place of worship

although my God , and most probably yours too,
would accept our prayers where ever we perform them, anywhere.

If one is sincere in his or her prayers , God would appreciate it
more than any Hypocrite in any Golden or marvellous-Temple .

Thus the size or the beauty of any Temple does not matter
but rather what matters is the sincerity of the believer,himself.
Far more less would the location of the Temple matter.

If we all agree here , allow me to go further.

After agreeing that the Temple is only a tool and it is far less
relevant than the faithful themselves , you must also conclude
that the location of any Temple must be even lesser important.

This bring me to the point I am hoping to make ,
which is simple and has no ambiguity attached to it.

If the Temple of Solomon must be rebuilt ,
for the sake of Judaism.....and at any cost too.
should it be in Jerusalem ??
would God not forgive them , and accept
if they would rebuild that Temple in Brooklyn ??
for example.

Imaging a Salomon Temple in Brooklyn ,
full of happy Jews praying honestly to (their) God
and with no blood on their hands........
nor any blood on the foundations of that Temple !!

Would that not please God ??
Why should religion and geography go together ??

Christianity which was born in Jerusalem
survived without Jerusalem ..........
and its most majestic
and most splendorous Churches
are in Istanbul
, Rome ,Reins, Madrid and Moscow.

Islam rooted and inspired by the teachings of Jerusalem
has its greatest Mosques all over the World .

Why would God, allegedly ,wish a peculiar-Temple
in a peculiar-Place , when the Temple is irrelevant
compared to the degree of the faith of the believers .

Did God make a mistake ?? , in this case,
or simply that the Jews misinterpreted his wish ??

Raja Chemayel
not a theologian


Aline-Mariali said...

Vos démonstrations sont à chaque fois d'une évidence écrasante.

Mais, objection votre honneur, les sionistes ne croient probablement pas au paradis, alors comment les déloger ?

Anonymous said...

pour les deloger, on leur montre l´enfer au lieu du paradis

globe said...

"les sionistes ne croient probablement pas au paradis" = ?

qlq peut m'eclairer ??