Friday, October 28, 2011

"Dead or alive "
Also Turkey profited from the rape of Libya

The Libyan National Transitional Council
declared today that it will investigate into
the brutal assassination of Colonel Qaddafi
and that "the guilty person shall be brought to face justice".......unquote

I do not know precisely ,
whether they mean the French Pilot who bombed the convoy ,
or the US Pilot who guided the Drone which also bombed.
Probably none of them shall be investigated ,
but just that Libyan-youth who cowardly has shot a wounded-war-prisoner.......

Anyhow my worries are useless and the NTC are idiots
because they had previously offered
a one million dollars reward ,
for bringing Colonel Qaddafi , dead or alive.

Anyhow , this one million dollars reward,
must also be divided equally between :
Silvio Berlusconi
Hilary Clinton
Nicolas Sarkozy
David Cameron
Emir of Qatar
Rejab Ordogan
King of Bahrain
the 2 NATO pilots
the actual-murderer
.....or we must bring all of them to face Justice !!!

Sherlock Hommos
investigating the obvious

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Please , think twice and compare
 One NTC-member,
dealing with his suspects !!

It is said that about 30.000 Libyans died since the beginning of the uprising.
Depending on who you ask, this figure varies between 25 and 33 thousands.

Bearing in mind that this "uprising" took 8 months up to now ,
I would like to ask you to compare :
how many victims died during the 42 years of Qaddafi´s rule ???

I honestly do not know !!
and may I add that any victim is a victim .

Please ask around you, or investigate :
How many died because of Qaddafi ??
and or ,
how many died  by Qaddafi´s regime ???????

I know that even the Lokerbie-victims were not Qaddafi´s work
.............................................................and the CIA knows that !!!

One thing I can say,  with certainty :
NATO and the NTC have killed ,so far, directly and or indirectly,
more than Qaddafi in all those 40 years !!

I rest my case ,
and ask you to think twice...... and compare.

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why did´nt the Crusaders think of it ??
Qaddafi´s own ex-minister
becomes the "champion-of-democracy"

Now that Libya is " liberated "

Afghanistan shall offer it expertise in (opium) agriculture
and civic-society .

Italy shall give assistance in the

The UK shall reactivate the prisons for Irish-fighters.

The USA shall set up a plan for full democratisation
of the Oil industries.

France shall train the new recruit for mercenaries.

Saudi Arabia shall recruit more fanatics.

Israel shall introduce the
" Peace of the braves".

The PLO offices shall be converted
as Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Spartacus and Qaddafi
shall enter the history-books as Dictators.

Nelson Mandela and Hugo Chavez
shall miss a friend.

Foreign-interventions and Assassinations
shall get another meaning.

and finally :
Neo-colonialism shall be re-baptised
as "democratisation".
(why did´nt the Crusaders think of this ??)

Raja Chemayel