Sunday, October 23, 2011

Why did´nt the Crusaders think of it ??
Qaddafi´s own ex-minister
becomes the "champion-of-democracy"

Now that Libya is " liberated "

Afghanistan shall offer it expertise in (opium) agriculture
and civic-society .

Italy shall give assistance in the

The UK shall reactivate the prisons for Irish-fighters.

The USA shall set up a plan for full democratisation
of the Oil industries.

France shall train the new recruit for mercenaries.

Saudi Arabia shall recruit more fanatics.

Israel shall introduce the
" Peace of the braves".

The PLO offices shall be converted
as Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant.

Spartacus and Qaddafi
shall enter the history-books as Dictators.

Nelson Mandela and Hugo Chavez
shall miss a friend.

Foreign-interventions and Assassinations
shall get another meaning.

and finally :
Neo-colonialism shall be re-baptised
as "democratisation".
(why did´nt the Crusaders think of this ??)

Raja Chemayel

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