Saturday, August 7, 2010

How many arabs were there ??

How many Arabs died here ??
Today we remember 65 years ago
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.... .....
and I dare to ask you ,
how many US Citizens died ??
in Nagasaki or in Hiroshima ??
I am sure you have the answer to this simple question
therefore, I shall ask you another question,
much more difficult , but nonetheless with an obvious answer:
If Iran shall bomb the State of Israel
with the smallest nuclear bomb......
how many Israels shall die ??
and how many Palestinian- Arabs die too ??
And If Iran shall shall bomb Israel
of a medium-size nuclear bomb......
how many
Lebanese+Syrians+ Jordanians shall also die ??
And what about if Iran sends a huge nuclear-bomb ??
will Egypt+Turkey+ Iraq also survive ??
Therefore may I suggest that the White-house
stop using the nuclear-Iran- threat ,
as an excuse just to bomb Iran......!!
unless Iran or the USA want to get rid
of all the Middle-East, altogether !!
It will be more honest and more credible,
if the USA tells us :
" we want to bomb Iran because its is anti-imperialist
and anti-zionist and because Islam threatens us
with its moral-supperiority "
In that case......
if and when ,you are an imperialist+ zionist+decadent
you shall agree to bomb Iran ,
exactly like when you bombed Iraq !!
But at any case , do not worry for Israel !!
it will not be bombed by anyone...... .
because even a simple bomb on a bus.....
kills arabs too .
Sherlock Hommos
anti-nuclear- activist

Friday, August 6, 2010

Democracy "under influence"
they still serving the same masters !!.

If democracy is :the will of peopleor democracy is : the power of the peopleor democracy is :about a choice done by the peopleor democracy is :a temporary and shared power given
                             to a chosen person
                            or.......... .
                           a combination of anything resembling the above  !!

Then what what can we call the USA -political- system  ??

Where a President is chosen by a much-influenced-voters,
and once he is elected  ,  somebody writes his speeches
and others become his advisers directing all his deeds
while AIPAC coordinates the whole scene
and ABC+CNN+CBS+ FOX tell us what they choose to tell us !!
while the lobbyist and interest-groups
do not even hide their intentions.

My humble opinion says that the USA does not qualify
to be ranked as a " Democracy "
which explains why nothing good ever came out of it !!
Ask Ho Chee Minh !!!   or Geronimo !!

The foundations of the USA
is a pure and 100% colonialism
which explains its logical-natural- love-affair with Israel.........

If you are looking for a Democracy ,
look elsewhere !!

Raja Chemayel
living in a much better Democracy , on the river Amstel....

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Madona , the Clinton´s and that " Promised State"

A while ago Madonna decided to convert into Judaism
a bit later she adopted a black African child
both incidents are OK with me , and are rather harmless.

Last week the daughter of the Clinton's got married
to a Jewish banker...... ...
also and nice !!

But what if , some day , 20 years from now ,
that African adopted child , who counts as also being Jewish,
because his mother , Madonna , is a !!

What if,
this young African man shall meet the daughter of
Chelsey Clinton and the nice Jewish banker ??
they fall in love get married and have children.... .
harmless and nice also........ far.

Those grand-children shall one day
fly to Tell Aviv and go directly to the emigration office
and claim an Israeli passport , because they are both Jews.

They shall pretend that their grand-mother is Sara the Chaldean
and not Hillary nor Madonna  !!

Still Harmless or harmful ??
No Sir !!
Harmful and absurd !!

This is the case of 80% of those who claim
the Israeli citizenship , today.

When in the course of the last 2 milleniums
numerous cases of confusions and convertions took place
similar to the above.(but far less glanorous)

And in the meantime ,
3 million Palestinians were kicked out
and another 3 million are trapped and occupied.... ..
by impostors claiming to be the grand-children of Sarah the Chaldean

Thanks to people like Madonna and the Clinton´s
history has been, once more , distorted
and the indentities have been invented ....if not fabricated !!

Raja Chemayel

both my grand-mothers were pure-Arabs ,
and I am not claiming anyone´s lands....
but mine.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If Israel had been founded by Angels.....
The presumed Angels

Let us assume that in 1948
Israel was founded by angels.........exclusively.

In the meantime it is the year 2010
and :
6 wars were initiated by Israel
4 invasions were done by Israel
one third of Lebanon occupied ,20 years, by Israel
3 million were ethnically-cleansed -refugees
2 millions are indigenous-occupied
1,5 are besieged and starved
a whole country was swallowed
11.000 political-prisoners are jailed
without ever seeing the Court-house.
and not counting:
the massacres ,
the house-demolishings
the racial discrimination' s
the health and  food deprivations
the annexations
the house evictions
653 Road blocks
the bulldozers driving above (the alive) peace-activists.

Now , comes my question:
How many "Angels"    are still left over ???

Raja Chemayel
looking for the Angels, if they ever existed !!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

One 2OTH.Century-Technology.............. beats a 19TH.Century-Fantasy


DNA tells you " who is who " !!
or better......
who is not what one, eventually, pretends to be !!

What the founders of  Zionism, in the 19 Century,
could not have foreseen.... .....
was the invention or the discovery
of  the  DNA-technology.

This 20Th century wonder , the DNA,  is a tool
which gives us  99,999% accurate results
on any  identity-identification.
Excluding all doubts or false pretencions
or any attempt by  any  impostor .

Obviously ,
this 20Th century technology
has beaten that 19Th.century- lie:

The Jews of today, are not the "Israelites "
(of the bible).

If you doubt the above ,
let us all have a DNA test !!!!
( whereas it will be proven that Palestinians
are one people and are descendants of Jesus.....
and Jews/Israelis are from many different peoples !!)

Raja Chemayel