Friday, August 6, 2010

Democracy "under influence"
they still serving the same masters !!.

If democracy is :the will of peopleor democracy is : the power of the peopleor democracy is :about a choice done by the peopleor democracy is :a temporary and shared power given
                             to a chosen person
                            or.......... .
                           a combination of anything resembling the above  !!

Then what what can we call the USA -political- system  ??

Where a President is chosen by a much-influenced-voters,
and once he is elected  ,  somebody writes his speeches
and others become his advisers directing all his deeds
while AIPAC coordinates the whole scene
and ABC+CNN+CBS+ FOX tell us what they choose to tell us !!
while the lobbyist and interest-groups
do not even hide their intentions.

My humble opinion says that the USA does not qualify
to be ranked as a " Democracy "
which explains why nothing good ever came out of it !!
Ask Ho Chee Minh !!!   or Geronimo !!

The foundations of the USA
is a pure and 100% colonialism
which explains its logical-natural- love-affair with Israel.........

If you are looking for a Democracy ,
look elsewhere !!

Raja Chemayel
living in a much better Democracy , on the river Amstel....

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