Saturday, August 7, 2010

How many arabs were there ??

How many Arabs died here ??
Today we remember 65 years ago
Hiroshima and Nagasaki.... .....
and I dare to ask you ,
how many US Citizens died ??
in Nagasaki or in Hiroshima ??
I am sure you have the answer to this simple question
therefore, I shall ask you another question,
much more difficult , but nonetheless with an obvious answer:
If Iran shall bomb the State of Israel
with the smallest nuclear bomb......
how many Israels shall die ??
and how many Palestinian- Arabs die too ??
And If Iran shall shall bomb Israel
of a medium-size nuclear bomb......
how many
Lebanese+Syrians+ Jordanians shall also die ??
And what about if Iran sends a huge nuclear-bomb ??
will Egypt+Turkey+ Iraq also survive ??
Therefore may I suggest that the White-house
stop using the nuclear-Iran- threat ,
as an excuse just to bomb Iran......!!
unless Iran or the USA want to get rid
of all the Middle-East, altogether !!
It will be more honest and more credible,
if the USA tells us :
" we want to bomb Iran because its is anti-imperialist
and anti-zionist and because Islam threatens us
with its moral-supperiority "
In that case......
if and when ,you are an imperialist+ zionist+decadent
you shall agree to bomb Iran ,
exactly like when you bombed Iraq !!
But at any case , do not worry for Israel !!
it will not be bombed by anyone...... .
because even a simple bomb on a bus.....
kills arabs too .
Sherlock Hommos
anti-nuclear- activist

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