Tuesday, August 3, 2010

If Israel had been founded by Angels.....

The presumed Angels

Let us assume that in 1948
Israel was founded by angels.........exclusively.

In the meantime it is the year 2010
and :
6 wars were initiated by Israel
4 invasions were done by Israel
one third of Lebanon occupied ,20 years, by Israel
3 million were ethnically-cleansed -refugees
2 millions are indigenous-occupied
1,5 are besieged and starved
a whole country was swallowed
11.000 political-prisoners are jailed
without ever seeing the Court-house.
and not counting:
the massacres ,
the house-demolishings
the racial discrimination' s
the health and  food deprivations
the annexations
the house evictions
653 Road blocks
the bulldozers driving above (the alive) peace-activists.

Now , comes my question:
How many "Angels"    are still left over ???

Raja Chemayel
looking for the Angels, if they ever existed !!