Thursday, August 5, 2010

Madona , the Clinton´s and that " Promised State"

A while ago Madonna decided to convert into Judaism
a bit later she adopted a black African child
both incidents are OK with me , and are rather harmless.

Last week the daughter of the Clinton's got married
to a Jewish banker...... ...
also and nice !!

But what if , some day , 20 years from now ,
that African adopted child , who counts as also being Jewish,
because his mother , Madonna , is a !!

What if,
this young African man shall meet the daughter of
Chelsey Clinton and the nice Jewish banker ??
they fall in love get married and have children.... .
harmless and nice also........ far.

Those grand-children shall one day
fly to Tell Aviv and go directly to the emigration office
and claim an Israeli passport , because they are both Jews.

They shall pretend that their grand-mother is Sara the Chaldean
and not Hillary nor Madonna  !!

Still Harmless or harmful ??
No Sir !!
Harmful and absurd !!

This is the case of 80% of those who claim
the Israeli citizenship , today.

When in the course of the last 2 milleniums
numerous cases of confusions and convertions took place
similar to the above.(but far less glanorous)

And in the meantime ,
3 million Palestinians were kicked out
and another 3 million are trapped and occupied.... ..
by impostors claiming to be the grand-children of Sarah the Chaldean

Thanks to people like Madonna and the Clinton´s
history has been, once more , distorted
and the indentities have been invented ....if not fabricated !!

Raja Chemayel

both my grand-mothers were pure-Arabs ,
and I am not claiming anyone´s lands....
but mine.

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