Sunday, August 1, 2010

One 2OTH.Century-Technology.............. beats a 19TH.Century-Fantasy


DNA tells you " who is who " !!
or better......
who is not what one, eventually, pretends to be !!

What the founders of  Zionism, in the 19 Century,
could not have foreseen.... .....
was the invention or the discovery
of  the  DNA-technology.

This 20Th century wonder , the DNA,  is a tool
which gives us  99,999% accurate results
on any  identity-identification.
Excluding all doubts or false pretencions
or any attempt by  any  impostor .

Obviously ,
this 20Th century technology
has beaten that 19Th.century- lie:

The Jews of today, are not the "Israelites "
(of the bible).

If you doubt the above ,
let us all have a DNA test !!!!
( whereas it will be proven that Palestinians
are one people and are descendants of Jesus.....
and Jews/Israelis are from many different peoples !!)

Raja Chemayel

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