Saturday, February 5, 2011

The Pharoanic-Nero
   Nero the Roman.............................Nero the Pharaoh

The Original Nero ,
has burned down Rome
and then accused the Christians.

Our Contemporary Nero
has burned down the Christians (of Alexandria)
and then accused the (fundamentalist) Muslims.

Now he is burning Cairo !!
while accusing Iran..... or Chaos.

The West and the USA in particular
have cherished Mubarak
and supported him 30 years......
only because he kept the Peace treaty with the Devil !!

Today Nero has burned his fingers,...........with his own fires .

Raja Chemayel

Friday, February 4, 2011

If Husni Mubarak were the Captain of the Titanic
Freedom of expression

If Husni were the Captain of the Titanic :

He would promise, as from now on,
to change completely the dinner Menu
according to the wishes of the First-Class-Passengers.

And to allow free and fair elections,
after that the Titanic reaches New York, safely.

And to allow to the Journalists to visit the lowest part
of the ship and to stay there for reporting, the factual end.

And not to allow to his son,Gamal, to have a "safety-boat"
for himself , alone ..........(but to share it.... with Mrs. Mubarak)

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Titanic´s  farewell committee

Thursday, February 3, 2011

About those " One and half Billion Dollar$ "
Egyptian Army in concert with the US-army:
"war-games" paid by Uncle-Sam

We repeatedly hear about those 1,5 Billion Dollars
sent each year from the USA to the Egyptian Army

This is my understanding of it :

It is practically a bribe  to keep the one million Egyptian soldiers
away from attacking  Israel.
(otherwise called a "Peace-treaty".)

Husny and his thugs steal one third of it ,
in form of personal bribes and commissions for middle-men.

A great part is deviated and canalised to the Police forces
which is  used as a repression tool  for the Regime.

At any case ,  any and all purchases
of any equipments must be from USA Manufacturers ,
and nobody else.
Which means that this money flows back
into the USA

Raja Chemayel

ask me !!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to recognise a Mubarak´s supporter

Camel´s riders
in support of the ultimate "Donkey"

The so-called supporters of Mubarak´s Regime
mostly Policemen in civilian clothes have attacked
the real-protesters , the real-people ,
the real-democracy-seekers..............of Egypt.

Any pro-Mubarak-person must be from the upper-class
or the upper-mid-class
or any profiteers of any class ....known as Baltagia
which means " thug-for-hire".

You need not to be an Egypt-expert , to figure out
that normally the pro-Mubarak supporters would
drive a BMW , AUDI or Mercedes....
( and I know personaly many of them)

Therefore the man on the Camel in that above picture
must be a Baltagi..............hired to make troubles !!!

Imagine !! today
even the PM of the UK Mr. Cameroon
suggested that  HUSSNY  is using such thugs.

Having seen that phenomena today,
I remind you that myself, even, suspects
that Mubarak must be also behind the
Church bombing in Alexandria !!

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to differentiate between a revolt and a revolution ??

When the Tanks are above the People,

it is a revolt...

When the People are above the Tanks ,

then, it is a revolution !!


PS :
those tanks were offered by the USA to Egypt,
with a secret GSM-tracers hidden in them
just in case they would attack Israel.....some day.
They did not !!
instead they were sent after its own people.