Thursday, February 3, 2011

About those " One and half Billion Dollar$ "
Egyptian Army in concert with the US-army:
"war-games" paid by Uncle-Sam

We repeatedly hear about those 1,5 Billion Dollars
sent each year from the USA to the Egyptian Army

This is my understanding of it :

It is practically a bribe  to keep the one million Egyptian soldiers
away from attacking  Israel.
(otherwise called a "Peace-treaty".)

Husny and his thugs steal one third of it ,
in form of personal bribes and commissions for middle-men.

A great part is deviated and canalised to the Police forces
which is  used as a repression tool  for the Regime.

At any case ,  any and all purchases
of any equipments must be from USA Manufacturers ,
and nobody else.
Which means that this money flows back
into the USA

Raja Chemayel

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