Wednesday, February 2, 2011

How to recognise a Mubarak´s supporter

Camel´s riders
in support of the ultimate "Donkey"

The so-called supporters of Mubarak´s Regime
mostly Policemen in civilian clothes have attacked
the real-protesters , the real-people ,
the real-democracy-seekers..............of Egypt.

Any pro-Mubarak-person must be from the upper-class
or the upper-mid-class
or any profiteers of any class ....known as Baltagia
which means " thug-for-hire".

You need not to be an Egypt-expert , to figure out
that normally the pro-Mubarak supporters would
drive a BMW , AUDI or Mercedes....
( and I know personaly many of them)

Therefore the man on the Camel in that above picture
must be a Baltagi..............hired to make troubles !!!

Imagine !! today
even the PM of the UK Mr. Cameroon
suggested that  HUSSNY  is using such thugs.

Having seen that phenomena today,
I remind you that myself, even, suspects
that Mubarak must be also behind the
Church bombing in Alexandria !!

Raja Chemayel

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