Thursday, November 18, 2010

The greatest democracy north of Mexico
Are those Rabbis elected-officials
or paid-Lobbyists ??
( or, rather ,paying-Lobbyists ?)

Can you call any country as being democratic one
when the decision makers are manipulated
by 2673 Lobbyists and 1344 Interest-groups ??
And last not but least ,
there is the AIPAC !!!  too.

If your answer would be: " No"
would you then expect this country
to be good or rather an evil country  ??

Raja Chemayel
In the Netherlands politicians should report
when he or she has had lunch with a Lobbyist
how much the lunch cost ?? and who paid for it ??

PS :
Democracy , in my book, means:
The will and the power of  ( the majority of) the People.
So where do those Lobbyist fit in here ??

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The artificial-life in the artificial-state
The ambulance coming from the stolen hospital
 to the stolen house....
The (true) face of the State of Israel

Is there life after death ??

this is a mystical, spiritual ,
mythological and religious question.

But I have  simple and practical answer :
yes !!
there is eventually , but ,an artificial-life , when need be .

In a hospital , people are declared "clinically-dead" and yet
they are kept in intensive-care where they breath artificially
and they are fed artificially ..........
and they even need not to go to the toilet, artificially .

This was the case of Ariel Sharon the last four and half years.
It seems that he was released yesterday from the hospital
to regain his house.........

For the last five years I have written about his case,
 five or six  times,
accusing Israel of burying him secretly , because anybody
would be ashamed even to assist to his funerals.....

I was wrong ,
he did not die afteral , and he was kept artificially alive
for almost five years......

I know not , why now , suddenly he regains his house.....??

This would be beside my point.

I have always said that Ariel Sharon is the true face of Israel
which he is indeed...............
and for that same matter nothing changed now.

Because having kept Sharon alive and artificially  ,
also represent
the state in which the sate of Israel is.......
alive but only artificially !!

Without the Jewish Capital and without the US unlimited
and unrestricted support, that artificial State could have never survived.
Let us not also  forget also what Germany has had to pay
as "WIEDERGUTMACHUNG"....compensations.

Again ,
may I repeat my comparison between Ariel Sharon , that War criminal
and that State of Zion , also a war criminal.............
when both are kept artificially alive.,,,,,
for the sake of Imperialism and Zionism.........only.

Raja Chemayel

PS :
I wonder who will dare to attend the funerals of Ariel ???

Monday, November 15, 2010

The Christians of Iraq
Who else , would attack
or harm the Christians of Iraq  ??

They are the most irrelevant minority
they were protected by the Baath
and were not necessarily protecting the Baath.

The so-called "suicide-attackers"
who stormed that churche
have had no demands nor made any declarations
and the army-police that attacked them,  have killed
more christian-worshippers than the so-called attackers.....

who is fooling whom ???

Today ,
Syria ,Lebanon and Jordan have opened their doors
for the Iraqi-(christian)-refugees
while the Christian-USA has not !!!

So who would attack the Christians of Iraq ?
What enemy could they have ??
Whom do they bother ??
What danger do they represent ??
What are they accused of ??

I have only one suspect  !!
and that suspect never liked the Christians........
starting with Jesus of Nazareth..........up to Mr. Tarik Aziz !!

Raja Chemayel

Sunday, November 14, 2010

There are five kinds of Lebanese-Christians
A Cedar has no religion....

There are 5 kind of Lebanese-Christians :

The first kind
has Brains and a Heart and Balls
they joined the SSNP
The Syrian Social Nationalist Party

The second kind
has Brains , and a Heart...... but no Balls
The Join the Lebanese Communist Party

The Third Kind
has no Brains and no Balls just a naive Hart
The join the Phalanges , Al Kata´eb

The Fourth kind
has no Brains , no Heart......... but just Balls
They are members of the Lebanese-Forces
(when they are not smuggling anything more lucrative)

The fifth kind
they found out how dirty are the Third and the Fourth kinds
so they repented ,
and have all joined the General Auon.

Raja Chemayel