Monday, November 15, 2010

The Christians of Iraq
Who else , would attack
or harm the Christians of Iraq  ??

They are the most irrelevant minority
they were protected by the Baath
and were not necessarily protecting the Baath.

The so-called "suicide-attackers"
who stormed that churche
have had no demands nor made any declarations
and the army-police that attacked them,  have killed
more christian-worshippers than the so-called attackers.....

who is fooling whom ???

Today ,
Syria ,Lebanon and Jordan have opened their doors
for the Iraqi-(christian)-refugees
while the Christian-USA has not !!!

So who would attack the Christians of Iraq ?
What enemy could they have ??
Whom do they bother ??
What danger do they represent ??
What are they accused of ??

I have only one suspect  !!
and that suspect never liked the Christians........
starting with Jesus of Nazareth..........up to Mr. Tarik Aziz !!

Raja Chemayel

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