Friday, February 27, 2009

Who's who !!

I was watching the common press conference
done in Cairo today between Hamas and Fatah.
Sitting near me was my 13 years old son
and he was curious to know what is happening.
I was explaining to him what was happening
lately between those Palestinian- faction-parties.
He was astonished to see how much details
I knew and how many people I could recognise
on that panel sitting and facing the reporters.
My son , asked me how I could know who is Hamas
and who is Fatah ??
I replied to him that it is very elementarily simple :
Those with a tie , well shaved and a nice suit
above 700 Dollars are from Fatah.......
and those with a beard , no tie and a cheap suit
are from Hamas.
My son asked me also if the the Hamas delegates
used the Tunnels of Gaza , to reach Cairo,
and if Fatah people flew in a private jet ?? .
( I think that in a couple of years from now,
my son will start also writing)
I smiled , and told him that he is starting to understand
the difference between a Militant-party
and a well-fed-marionette s-party.
Again , please watch the above photos and
you shall understand , who is who.
Sherlock Hommos
my suits are by Boss ,
but I am for Hamas !!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Irma La Douce

The real Irma la Douce
It seems that Tizpi Livni was once a secret agent.
a spy , working for the Mossad .
She was allegedly active in tracing those terrorists
living and operating in Europe and especially in France.
This would explain her recent instant
sympathy with Nicolas Sarkozy.
He might have worked for her ,
because there is a rumour
that Sarkozy himself was once
on the payroll of the Mossad.
I see it in front of me , as in a film ,
Tizpi walking down the streets of Pigalle
with a small dog, wearing the same outfit
as Irma la Douce.......
and Nicolas Sarkozy in a French-police- uniform
collecting bribes and protection-money.
They meet , and a romance starts ,
she does not know that he is a
corrupt-public- servant
and his love to Irma makes Nicolas blind
to the fact that Livni is a Prostitute
Stop !! Cut !!
Is that now a film ?......... or a reality ??
Is Israel's next prime minister an ex-prostitute ,
or was she just pretending it ??
Was Sarkozy a corrupt person ?
or he just did it for the money ???
Do films show the reality ,
or does real life resemble the films ??
And then,
what is wrong with an ex-prostitute
becoming an Israeli-Prime- Minister ??
All her predecessors were worse !!
they were generals !!!
Sherlock Hommos
NB ;
The link to Livni 's past
http://www.timesonl tol/news/ world/middle
_ east/article4791 158.ece

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Two sides, one Truth

Portret van Fawzi Mohammed Tanji

a man and his identity

One must make a difference between
a wounded- invader and his victims .
One must differentiate between
a war of national-liberation
and any other wars.
One must separate the legal violence ,
from a list of all other violence's.
One must distinguish between
a bullet shot at the oppressors
and the bullet of the oppressor.
One must accept the price of liberation
and refuse any reward for the occupiers
One must worship the truth
and curse the fake and the impostors.
One must accept a defeat
as an incentive to get better
and not celebrate a victory
unless it is final......
One must realise that Palestinians
are trying to repossess their homeland
and that the Israelis are simply
expanding a stolen-land.
Raja Chemayel

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is treason the way to Peace ????

At the top Mafia meeting ,
only Abbas is missing !!
Today Hamas has accused some of Al Fatah elements
of having passed on military information about Gaza
onto their leaders in Ramallah , who in turn have passed
them onto Israel's army........ ....
If this news is correct the Lords of Ramallah
would have gone ,again, too far.
If this news is incorrect,
then Hamas would have gone too far.....
I am ashamed to believe only one side,
and my experience in Beirut of the 80's
does not allow me to doubt such accusations.
In 17 years of civil-war I did not see a direct-clash
between Al Fatah and the Phalanges... ....or any other fascists.
Even Camill Chamoun's life was saved by Yasser Arafat !!
etc....etc.. ..
More over, Al Fatah are on the same line
with , (Hosny) Mubarak, (Ehud) Barrack and Barack (Obama) .
Raja Chemayel

Monday, February 23, 2009

The "Two-states-Solution" is no solution

The French-Resistance,
did not negociate for Peace.....

Some are planing and promoting
The Two States Solution :
1- the State of Israel
side by side with,
2- the Occupied and castrated State of Palestine

Some are for
the One State Solution
which will be either
1- Israel without any Palestinians
2- Palestine re-liberated and sovereign

Personally , I am for
the Arab State of Palestine
where , who ever is not an Arab , nor does he feel as such,
may go back to where he came from !!!

In case ,a non-Arab accepts and respects
the Palestinian- sovereignty over Palestine ,
he or she may stay......
like in South Africa or in today's Hong Kong ,
or Algeria after the liberation
or Egypt after Nasser.

In the meantime , any peace-negociations have
only made the Arabs to loose their time
and made the State of Israel gain some roots on our soil.......
Therefore ,
please, pick up a Kalashnikov and then ,
join Hamas , DFLP, PFLP or Hezbollah
and see how close you come to Peace, after the Liberation.
Raja Chemayel
Peace comes after a Victory !!