Monday, February 23, 2009

The "Two-states-Solution" is no solution

The French-Resistance,
did not negociate for Peace.....

Some are planing and promoting
The Two States Solution :
1- the State of Israel
side by side with,
2- the Occupied and castrated State of Palestine

Some are for
the One State Solution
which will be either
1- Israel without any Palestinians
2- Palestine re-liberated and sovereign

Personally , I am for
the Arab State of Palestine
where , who ever is not an Arab , nor does he feel as such,
may go back to where he came from !!!

In case ,a non-Arab accepts and respects
the Palestinian- sovereignty over Palestine ,
he or she may stay......
like in South Africa or in today's Hong Kong ,
or Algeria after the liberation
or Egypt after Nasser.

In the meantime , any peace-negociations have
only made the Arabs to loose their time
and made the State of Israel gain some roots on our soil.......
Therefore ,
please, pick up a Kalashnikov and then ,
join Hamas , DFLP, PFLP or Hezbollah
and see how close you come to Peace, after the Liberation.
Raja Chemayel
Peace comes after a Victory !!

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