Thursday, February 26, 2009

Irma La Douce

The real Irma la Douce
It seems that Tizpi Livni was once a secret agent.
a spy , working for the Mossad .
She was allegedly active in tracing those terrorists
living and operating in Europe and especially in France.
This would explain her recent instant
sympathy with Nicolas Sarkozy.
He might have worked for her ,
because there is a rumour
that Sarkozy himself was once
on the payroll of the Mossad.
I see it in front of me , as in a film ,
Tizpi walking down the streets of Pigalle
with a small dog, wearing the same outfit
as Irma la Douce.......
and Nicolas Sarkozy in a French-police- uniform
collecting bribes and protection-money.
They meet , and a romance starts ,
she does not know that he is a
corrupt-public- servant
and his love to Irma makes Nicolas blind
to the fact that Livni is a Prostitute
Stop !! Cut !!
Is that now a film ?......... or a reality ??
Is Israel's next prime minister an ex-prostitute ,
or was she just pretending it ??
Was Sarkozy a corrupt person ?
or he just did it for the money ???
Do films show the reality ,
or does real life resemble the films ??
And then,
what is wrong with an ex-prostitute
becoming an Israeli-Prime- Minister ??
All her predecessors were worse !!
they were generals !!!
Sherlock Hommos
NB ;
The link to Livni 's past
http://www.timesonl tol/news/ world/middle
_ east/article4791 158.ece

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