Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Is treason the way to Peace ????

At the top Mafia meeting ,
only Abbas is missing !!
Today Hamas has accused some of Al Fatah elements
of having passed on military information about Gaza
onto their leaders in Ramallah , who in turn have passed
them onto Israel's army........ ....
If this news is correct the Lords of Ramallah
would have gone ,again, too far.
If this news is incorrect,
then Hamas would have gone too far.....
I am ashamed to believe only one side,
and my experience in Beirut of the 80's
does not allow me to doubt such accusations.
In 17 years of civil-war I did not see a direct-clash
between Al Fatah and the Phalanges... ....or any other fascists.
Even Camill Chamoun's life was saved by Yasser Arafat !!
etc....etc.. ..
More over, Al Fatah are on the same line
with , (Hosny) Mubarak, (Ehud) Barrack and Barack (Obama) .
Raja Chemayel

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