Friday, September 18, 2009

Do not accuse Israel !!

Do not accuse Israel of anything,
whether , it is right or wrong.
This will assume that
you might be an Anti-Semite,

Therefore , shut up !! ,
and silently watch ,
all the massacres
and the bombings and the occupations
and the land-thefts and the ethnic-cleansing
and the water deprivation and the 632 check-points
and all the invasions and all their lies.......
and say nothing !!

Anti-Semites and/or Israel-criticisers
Palestinian- activists
national-liberation -fighters
should all remain silent !!

Sherlock Hommos
(will never shut-up)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Terrorism for Dummies .

Terrorism for Dummies
how to legally become a Terrorist
how to become a Terrorist , but to use another name
a huge Terror-machine
with 1.500 Terrorists on board.

If your country does not have an army
nor any Air-plane-carriers nor any nuke-submarines
if your country is stolen ,or occupied, or deprived
or annexed , or colonised
your people are enslaved or isolated or discriminated
or oppressed ,or exiled ,or depressed ,or ignored
your human rights or national rights are buried
or hidden, or denied, or wiped-out
if this applies to your case ,
then you may practise Terrorism legally and morally
and without any license nor permission nor diploma.

But ,
in case you do not qualify for the above mentioned descriptions
you may call upon the CIA, or the AIPAC ,
or the UN-Security- Council
or the World-Zionist- Congress
who may issue for you a License to become a Terrorist
even without having the rights to become one......
in that case you will be called :
"The only Democracy"
"Operation Desert Storm"
"Enduring Freedom"

Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
Terre O´ Rist

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let us all come to Court !!

T-shirts made in Israel ,
for Israelis !!
The United Nation Human Right Report is out,
and it condemns both Israel and Hamas
on what has has happened in Gaza .
May I suggest we bring both of them
to a Court of Justice .
Israel will be accused of killing 1400 civilians
and Hamas for killing 13 civilians .
Israel will accused of colonialism
and Hamas accused of fighting against
that same colonialism.
Israel accused for using sophisticated and precise weapons
while hitting the civilians... ....
and Hamas shall be accused of
using home-made-simple- rockets.
Israel the occupier, must defend itself for shooting
at its occupied populations. .....
while Hamas must be held responsible for shooting
at an occupying-army or eventually at the occupying-settlers.
Anyhow , let us all come to Court
Sherlock Hommos

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Socialism and Communism

Many US Citizens are demonstrating in Washington
against Obama's new Health Care programme... .
They are accusing him of :
Socialism and Communism
If and when Communism were to be :
offering a Health Insurance to all the People
then , my Netherlands is a communist country since 1950....
and probably 95% of all the europea citizens and countries.
It is "good news"
to hear that a US President
is accused of socialism.....
next time those demontrators will call him:
"Black and socialist "
and if I were to be more optimistic ,
they will call him one day , in 2015 :
"Black and Communist and Anti-Zionist"
Because ,
Humanity and Humanism , must be rewarded .
Sherlock Hommos
pro-public-total- global-health- insurance.

Monday, September 14, 2009

One State for the Wolfs and another for the Lambs

honesty in the wrong hands.....

Mr. George Michell is a fine gentleman
and his intentions might be respectable too ,
but he ,after all , represents the USA in the Middle East Conflicts.
Fine with me !!
I remember all the US-representatives (to the Middle East)
since I have had my first bicycle in 1957....,
and to my knowledge and to my sharp observations
nothing has changed and nothing will change !! :
Thieves are robbing us ........
and they are not likely to stop
while there is no police-man.
I wounder what could any US-representative do
to stop Israel being Israel...... .??
The worst one we have ever had was Henry Kissinger
and the best might be George Mitchell.... .
so what ???
Would George Mitchel stop being an American-politician ??
Would Nathaniahu stop being Israeli ???
why bother ??
must we build a " two states solution" ?? :
one state for the Wolfs and another for the Lambs ???
would it ever work ??
What is the use of sending an honest broker
who represents his own very-dishonest- employer ??
What could this same honest-broker achieve
between Mr. Hegemony and Mr. Defeatism ???
If, by a miracle, Peace ever comes ,
who would be much safer ??
the Lambs or the Wolfs ???
Sherlock Hommos
a very-militant- lamb