Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Let us all come to Court !!

T-shirts made in Israel ,
for Israelis !!
The United Nation Human Right Report is out,
and it condemns both Israel and Hamas
on what has has happened in Gaza .
May I suggest we bring both of them
to a Court of Justice .
Israel will be accused of killing 1400 civilians
and Hamas for killing 13 civilians .
Israel will accused of colonialism
and Hamas accused of fighting against
that same colonialism.
Israel accused for using sophisticated and precise weapons
while hitting the civilians... ....
and Hamas shall be accused of
using home-made-simple- rockets.
Israel the occupier, must defend itself for shooting
at its occupied populations. .....
while Hamas must be held responsible for shooting
at an occupying-army or eventually at the occupying-settlers.
Anyhow , let us all come to Court
Sherlock Hommos

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