Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Socialism and Communism

Many US Citizens are demonstrating in Washington
against Obama's new Health Care programme... .
They are accusing him of :
Socialism and Communism
If and when Communism were to be :
offering a Health Insurance to all the People
then , my Netherlands is a communist country since 1950....
and probably 95% of all the europea citizens and countries.
It is "good news"
to hear that a US President
is accused of socialism.....
next time those demontrators will call him:
"Black and socialist "
and if I were to be more optimistic ,
they will call him one day , in 2015 :
"Black and Communist and Anti-Zionist"
Because ,
Humanity and Humanism , must be rewarded .
Sherlock Hommos
pro-public-total- global-health- insurance.

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