Monday, September 14, 2009

One State for the Wolfs and another for the Lambs

honesty in the wrong hands.....

Mr. George Michell is a fine gentleman
and his intentions might be respectable too ,
but he ,after all , represents the USA in the Middle East Conflicts.
Fine with me !!
I remember all the US-representatives (to the Middle East)
since I have had my first bicycle in 1957....,
and to my knowledge and to my sharp observations
nothing has changed and nothing will change !! :
Thieves are robbing us ........
and they are not likely to stop
while there is no police-man.
I wounder what could any US-representative do
to stop Israel being Israel...... .??
The worst one we have ever had was Henry Kissinger
and the best might be George Mitchell.... .
so what ???
Would George Mitchel stop being an American-politician ??
Would Nathaniahu stop being Israeli ???
why bother ??
must we build a " two states solution" ?? :
one state for the Wolfs and another for the Lambs ???
would it ever work ??
What is the use of sending an honest broker
who represents his own very-dishonest- employer ??
What could this same honest-broker achieve
between Mr. Hegemony and Mr. Defeatism ???
If, by a miracle, Peace ever comes ,
who would be much safer ??
the Lambs or the Wolfs ???
Sherlock Hommos
a very-militant- lamb

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