Friday, September 11, 2009

The eleventh day of any September

On the eleventh day of September,

I remember another eleventh-day

in some other September ......

(far from any thruth)

Ever since that day ,
US-Imperialism have moved around
unpunished and uncontrolled and uncriticised .....
Those 2 Air planes who did not find the right runway
have given to Washington a CARTE BLANCHE
to invade Afghanistan
and to invade Iraq
and to hang President Saddam
and to forget Palestine
and to bomb Gaza
and to encircle Iran
and to destabilise Pakistan
and to Bomb Beirut
and to threaten Syria
and to domesticise Libya
and to accuse Sudan of genocide
and to raise the prices of Oil
and to make Wall Street pay for all that !!
Besides all that,
nobody saw Oussama Ben Ladin, ever since
not even any journalist could interview
his driver nor his butler....nor his cook !!
101 conspiracy-theories speak about an inside-job
that blew the Twin-Towers. .......
while nobody did prove that Ben Ladin ever did it !!
After all ,
none of the 911 hijackers was Iraqi nor Afghani
and yet no country of those hijackers was attacked
nor punished , nor blamed...... .
Please make your own conclusions ,
I am tired of repeating myself...... .. !!
Sherlock Hommos
11Th of September


True American said...

Ok what makes u think it was an inside job? ur little poem acts as if he did not claim responsibility for the attack. U go on and on about how terrible it is that the troops that fight and die for ur protection are trying to take out regimes of destabilisation and violence in places were the taliban and Al- Quida are- If they r so awsome, go live there!!!!!

Anonymous said...

fucking suicide muslims stop with your bullshit please.

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