Thursday, October 1, 2009

How come , we called them "the Jews"
Jews, disembarking
to become Israelis

On your TV screen you will see, repeatedly ,
Arabs calling the Israelis : the Jews

I am certain that most of the Arabs , of all generations,
do know the difference between Jews and Israelis , by now,
but nevertheless they still use the term "Jews"
as a matter of habit , especially by the elder Palestinians.

What has happened ??

At the beginning of the 20Th Century , Arabs in general
and the Palestinians peculiarly , have seen the influx
of European-Jews into their Palestine... ......... .

Until May 1948 the term Israel and or Israelis
what not yet used ............ ..and those immigrants
whether legal or illegal were Jews
and thus they were logically called : " the Jews"
instead of the Polish,Ukrainian, Hungarian or the French.

Practically and until 1948 there was no reason to call them
Israelis or Israeli-citizens simply because there was no
State of Israel , as we later have noticed it quite well
and quite remorsefully, too.

Therefore ,
many Arabs still use the old term of the Jews
like most of the older Westerners still use the word "Icebox"
to say Refrigerator.

Incidentaly , I grew up in Beirut ,
where "Refugee" means Palestinian. .....

Have no fear !!
Arabs are rarely racists ,
and Arabs historically never ever harmed the Jews
until , our self defence struggles, which started in 1948.

So next time when you hear an Arab on TV ,cursing the Jews ,
you will trust me and understand that he simply means "Israelis".

Now , why do Arabs hate the Israelis ??
is another story
which is not at all difficult to explain !!!

Sherlock Hommos

Wednesday, September 30, 2009 throw the First-Stone !!!
Jesus ,the Palestinian, allowed
"those without a sin , to throw the first stone"

Iran has missiles
Iran might have ,also,
long range missiles.

Cyprus has no missiles
Panama has no missiles

Israel has a multitude of missiles
the USA, France and UK
have all kind of long range missiles.

So ,why
Cyprus and Panama are not complaining about Iran ??
the UK,USA and France do complain !!!

If having a missile is a sin
why are those sinners louder
than the innocents ??

Sherlock Hommos

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Demystification of the Lebanon
Western Media' s Bull´s shit !!

The Demystification of the Lebanon

There are more Christians in Syria
than Christians in the Lebanon.
There are more Christians in Egypt
than all the Lebanese together.
There are more Ceders in Morocco than in the Lebanon
There are more Ceders in and around Paris than in the Lebanon

There are much more Terrorists in Israel than in the Lebanon
There are more Phoenicians in Gaza and Haifa
than in the Lebanon.

There is more Arak and Hommos produced in Israel
than in the Lebanon
There are more Opium in Afghanistan than in the Lebanon

There are more Lebanese outside than in the Lebanon
There are more Lebanese-restaurant s outside than in the Lebanon

There are more Hezbollah-supporter s outside than in the Lebanon
There are more Nasserists in Beirut , than in Cairo.

There are more Maronite's outside than in the Lebanon.

where is this Legendary- Lebanon ??
what is the Mythical-Lebanon ?

still a French-protectorate ??
a Harriri-Ranch ??
a Wahhabi-satellite ??
a Druze-reservation ??
the dislocated and kidnapped-natural- son-of-Syria ??
the abducted and adopted son for France ??
the US-bridge-for- defeatism ??
Chirac´s hobby or Sarkozy´s game ??

No Sir !!
if mystification is the name of the game,
then , we proudly can say , that
the Lebanon is
the home of the Hezbollah !!

Raja Chemayel

No-Clear....Nuclear !!

Israel ??.......... . is not even a member...... !!

Iran has already admitted that it has a second Nuclear plant
while Israel has not even admitted yet about its first nuclear plant.
I hope , pray and wish that Mr. Obama and the rest of the World
do know the difference between Nuclear-Power,
and Nuclear-Bomb (Arms).......
Because while Iran is blamed for having a Nuclear-Power-Program
Israel has already and obviously Nuclear-Bombs !!!
Besides all that ,
Iran is a member of the Vienna,
and Israel is not, at all !!!
Let us not look very far for the guilty ,
because, Tel Aviv is nearer to Vienna...... .....than Tehran is !!
Eng. Moustafa Roosenbloom
night-shift- supervisor at
the Dimona-Nuke- Bombs Co.Ltd.