Friday, July 4, 2008

The other Bulldozer

all Bulldozers look the same !!

One frustrated Palestinian has used his Bulldozer
to rampage cars and persons , in Jerusalem

If you are curious to know why he was frustrated
you must know that he was occupied all his life
and was locked inside his city
which was shrinking smaller each day.

As for knowing how did he come up with this idea , ??
it is a simpler question....
this occupied,frustrated ,deprived Palestinian
must have watched other Israeli-Bulldozers
who regularly and unpunished drive
their Bulldozer over homes and schools, also.

One proverb says :
The Apple does not fall far away from its tree !!

Raja Chemayel
also frustrated.. ....

Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Pilot Accomplished"

George showing his Brains

We all remember this photograph,
it was taken on an Air-carrier-ship
after we all saw a plane landing on it
in which supposedly President Bush
would have been the Pilot.

I dare anyone of you if he or she can
remember if ever they showed us George Bush
stepping out of that same plane......

All footage , to my recollection ,
showed us the plane landing and later
George standing with his uniform
and shaking hands with other Marines...etc..etc..

That was the famous day with that famous sign :
"Mission Accomplished "

Funny !! ,
because all during the Vietnam War
George did not even fly any plane ,
so why would he do it now ???

I guess George never flew that plane.
I guess there were never " Weapons of Mass Anything "
I guess that Mission was never accomplished.
I guess Democracy was never meant for Iraq .
I guess George is not more a pilot, than I am.

Sherlock Hommos
Not a Pilot nor a liar....and surly not accomplished

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The War-Criminal-Candidate to replace the current War-Criminal

The return of the War-Criminal

Senator Mac Cain has seen the inside of a Vietnamese-Prison,
which makes him a War Criminal.

Because I do not think that Vietnamese imprisoned
Animal-Activists nor Gay-waiters , in their Prisons.

Mac Cain went once to bomb North Vietnam
just to keep South-Vietnam corrupt
and serving to the capitalism.

That Mac Cain might have bombed 200 villages
and produce around 1000 dead and 2000 orphans
before being imprisoned.
In the years in that prison he must have eaten enough
Vietnamese-food that could have fed instead at least
2 of the orphans he has made himself.

Where he came back home ,
the USA made him a War Hero
and gave him nice Medals......
when this man would have killed more innocent people
more than any Suicide-bomber I have ever heard of.
As a matter of fact , Mac Cain might have killed
even more innocents... ......
than all innocent-victims of the 911 tragedy...........

As for Senator Obama
has not bombed anyone, yet
but at least and theoretically ,
Obama must know what real-Islam is
Obama must know where are Kenya and Indonesia.

Something , I doubt that Bush nor Mac Cain do know !!

Raja Chemayel
I do not vote in the USA
and I do know where Kenya is !!

PS :
Obama will not visit Israel fearing to be treated
as they treat their own Falasha.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How to get to Heaven ??

Which Jew will enter the Heaven ??
and which will not ?

1.An honest Jew living in Brooklyn
who does not steal nor lie nor use God's name in vain ....
2. a dishonest Jew living in Jerusalem
who has broken almost all ten commandments ??

If your answer is : the first one ,who is living in Brooklyn.
then comes my question :
why all the troubles to create the State of Israel ?
when it does not matter where a Jew lives ????
as long as he abides to God's commandments !!

Must all Muslim live in Mecca to secure a place in Heaven ??
Must all Catholics move to the Vatican ??
Do all inhabitants of Mecca end up in Heaven ??.....No !!

Why then have they created an infamous , illegal , criminal ,
unjust , unjustified ,unsafe and fake-State on a stolen Land ??
while , it will not ,at all, help them get to Heaven !!

Raja Chemayel
living in Amsterdam