Thursday, July 3, 2008

"Pilot Accomplished"

George showing his Brains

We all remember this photograph,
it was taken on an Air-carrier-ship
after we all saw a plane landing on it
in which supposedly President Bush
would have been the Pilot.

I dare anyone of you if he or she can
remember if ever they showed us George Bush
stepping out of that same plane......

All footage , to my recollection ,
showed us the plane landing and later
George standing with his uniform
and shaking hands with other Marines...etc..etc..

That was the famous day with that famous sign :
"Mission Accomplished "

Funny !! ,
because all during the Vietnam War
George did not even fly any plane ,
so why would he do it now ???

I guess George never flew that plane.
I guess there were never " Weapons of Mass Anything "
I guess that Mission was never accomplished.
I guess Democracy was never meant for Iraq .
I guess George is not more a pilot, than I am.

Sherlock Hommos
Not a Pilot nor a liar....and surly not accomplished

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